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How to Prevent Arthritis in 4 Ways: Complete Guide 2024

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Arthritis is every grown person’s nightmare. In one way or another, it affects most people as they grow old. While used as a general term, it is not a specific disease.

Arthritis refers to joint pain – there are over 100 different types of it, not to mention all the related conditions.

People from all over the world live with it. It affects all races and genders, but it is also one of the most common causes of disability in developed countries.

While more common in older people, some types of arthritis can also affect young adults. Moreover, it seems to be more common in women than in men.

Learning how to prevent arthritis is often a matter of lifestyle changes – such as maintaining a healthy weight. But then, what else should you know about it?

How to Prevent Arthritis: What is Arthritis?

how to prevent arthritis
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Arthritis – whether rheumatoid arthritis or a different type – can be described as swelling of a joint. Tenderness also occurs and may affect more than one joint. Arthritis symptoms vary widely, but as a general rule of thumb, they aggravate as the patient gets older.

There are more types of arthritis, and while all of them affect joints, causes, treatments, and solutions are slightly different – besides, developing arthritis depends on more factors. Two types of arthritis stand out in the crowd – rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Developing arthritis is not an overnight process. Instead, it takes time and settles within years. Arthritis pain can also be caused by infections, as well as underlying diseases. The treatment must be individualized regardless of what type of arthritis you suffer from.

The overall purpose of the treatment is not to cure arthritis because, unfortunately, those who develop arthritis will have to live with the joint pain for the rest of their lives. Instead, according to every arthritis foundation out there, it is about disease control, reducing symptoms, and improving quality of life.

Types of Arthritis

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There are more types of arthritis. They can all be kept under control with healthy habits and some treatments, not to mention the possibility of relieving pain. Arthritis prevention applies to all of them. However, once you get diagnosed with the joint disease, you will need to know what type it is.

Causes of Arthritis

Causes and risk factors of arthritis vary because each type has a different cause.

Family history is one of the most common ones, whether it comes to knee osteoarthritis or a different type of arthritis. The genetic predisposition can give you some early indicators. If certain types of arthritis seem to be more common in your family, chances are you are in the same situation.

Pay attention to your family history, siblings, and parents as they grow old – this is the main risk factor.

Age is another important consideration. Sure, it does not mean that everyone reaching 40 or 50 should worry about arthritis. Some people lose weight early and adopt an anti-inflammatory diet before it is too late. They focus on losing weight and aim to maintain a moderate weight.

The general idea is that the risk of developing arthritis increases with age. Someone in their 50s is more likely to develop arthritis than a kid, regardless of what type of healthy diet they have. Talking about weight, obesity -excess weight – is another issue.

It makes perfect sense. The heavier you are, the more stress you put on the joints. The same rule applies to those who do physical activity – such as sportspeople. The affected joint – be it a knee or an ankle – can develop arthritis due to too much stress on it.

Hormonal differences and genders are not to be overlooked either. For example, rheumatoid arthritis is more popular in women. On the other hand, gout seems to be more common in men. Becoming familiar with potential risks can help you prevent affection.

Last, but not least, if you have had a joint injury before, it will be more sensitive and may develop into arthritis later.

Symptoms of Arthritis

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There are more types of arthritis, and they can cause joint damage in different ways. Those who suffer from arthritis will experience symptoms in different ways. The purpose is the same – reduce pain. Ideally, you should focus on preventing arthritis in the first place.

This is why it is critical to identify the specific type of arthritis you suffer from before getting treatment.

Pain in joints moving is the most common sign. These pains could be associated with other health conditions, such as a vitamin D deficiency. Pain may come in different forms – other symptoms include stiffness, especially during the cold or morning, and tenderness.

Inflammation in the joints is just as common, not to mention inflammation around them. This is why you have to reduce inflammation at an early stage. Stay active, use protective equipment if you like sports, and avoid injuries at all costs – an increased risk for arthritis.

With time, failing to avoid injury will inevitably bring some restrictions on movement. According to wellness professionals, the pain will also aggravate, and you will no longer be able to move joints freely – instead, you will be limited.

The more the disease is ignored, the more it aggravates. Symptoms will eventually lead to weakness and muscular waste. After all, you will no longer exercise the respective joints too much, so muscle tissue will simply fade away.

In some cases, arthritis becomes visible. An affected joint could have red skin on top of it, as well as warmth.

Preventing & Managing Arthritis

There are more treatments for arthritis, as well as many solutions to prevent it. There are also things you should not do – such as lifting objects. As you lift heavy objects, you put pressure on joints. Instead, you need to protect your joints and that rubbery cushion around your bones.

Natural Remedies

Manage your weight, whether it implies hitting the gym, dropping junk food from your diet, or playing sports. Regular physical activity is recommended, but stick to low-impact exercises, rather than intense strength training. Repetitive motions can be harmful over time.

Other health benefits of physical activity include high self-esteem and the possibility of preventing heart disease.

Adequate levels of exercise will help in avoiding injury due to inactivity too – but then, too much exercise can also cause injuries.

Use hot and cold therapies now and then. Heat treatment includes baths or heated blankets. Cold treatments are more common in the summertime and include gel packs of compresses.

Acupuncture is not to be overlooked either. It restores energy and balance in your body.

Make sure you follow a healthy diet too. Other diseases can be prevented this way. After all, if left untreated, one disease leads to another. According to peer-reviewed studies, every doctor recommends eating antioxidants, as they clear out free radicals in the body.

Eat fish, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid processed meats, beef, saturated foods, and added sugar.

Relax as often as you can. Meditation, for example, can help you cope with the pain, but it will also help you relax and relieve it. On the same note, a massage will also relax your muscles and tissues – a professional one is better than one performed by your partner, though.

Finally, do anything you can to avoid pressure. Women, for example, should avoid wearing high heels.


The bad news is that arthritis cannot be cured. Instead, you need to figure out what type of arthritis you suffer from and learn how to handle it. There are methods to ameliorate symptoms and keep painful sensations under control.

With these thoughts in mind, most doctors will prescribe medications for pain relief. There are more types of painkillers to take, as well as specific tools and machines to help relieve pain. Pay attention to the potential side effects if this is going to be a long-term treatment.


Supplements represent another natural approach when not sure how to prevent arthritis – or even treat it if it is already too late. There are all sorts of supplements out there, not to mention programs providing more comprehensive guides on different lifestyle changes to relieve pain.

4 Best Supplements for Arthritis

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1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Curafen

Curafen nutritional supplement is based on natural ingredients and relieves inflammation and pain throughout the body, meaning it helps against arthritis and other similar conditions. It also wipes away free radicals and stimulates cell regeneration.

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2. Tasty All-Natural Supplement: Joint Restore Gummies

CBD and Boswellia extract, two all-natural substances that have been found to relieve joint pain, are present in the new mix known as Joint Restore Gummies. Strong anti-inflammatory properties of CBD aid to lessen pain and swelling.

A herbal remedy called Boswellia extract has been used for millennia to treat several inflammatory diseases including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These two components act in tandem to enhance mobility and quickly alleviate joint and knee pain.

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3. Best Supplement For All Ages: Flexotone

The most powerful remedy to entirely cure you of the crippling nightmare of inflammation and joint arthritis is Flexotone. There is scientific proof that demonstrates joint supplements as a clinically effective way to lessen the effects of arthritis.

You can take Flexotone because it contains eighteen potent substances if you are dealing with this severe and crippling ailment.

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4. Exclusive Pain Unlock Formula: Joint N-11

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Digital Program

Permanent Arthritis Solution: The Arthritis Strategy

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Bottom line

Arthritis can be prevented to a certain point if you look after your overall health. Preventing it is one thing, but curing it is a different thing. There is no such thing as a general cure, but there are ways to keep it under control.

There are more supplements and programs out there. While each of the programs and supplements can help, The Arthritis Strategy is one of the top recommendations for some obvious reasons. Most importantly, it provides natural approaches to arthritis, regardless of the type.

It provides access to detailed guides too, especially on lifestyle changes and nutrients to tackle the condition- something most people need.

Indeed, a natural approach is your best bet. A program that is educational and offers multiple natural solutions in one comprehensive guide.

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How to Prevent Arthritis FAQs

Is it possible to avoid arthritis?

There are ways to reduce the chances to experience it, but there is no sure way to completely avoid it, especially if it has genetic roots. Other causes can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and weight. Ideally, the disease should be tackled before it settles in, so look after yourself even if there are no signs.

At what age does arthritis usually start?

Arthritis is more common between 40 and 60 years old, yet it may also occur before or after this age frame. Also, it is more common in women than in men.

What foods trigger arthritis?

Red meat is known for triggering arthritis and causing flare-ups, as well as generally unhealthy foods – junk food, sugar, or processed meats.

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