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5 Essential Tools And Apps To Build Your Early Startup

Apps for startups are very useful (and can even be crucial) for new companies.

As a founder of a startup, you want to commit 100% to whatever it is you and your team are creating. You do not want to, nor can you afford to waste time.

If you’ve ever found yourself asking these questions — “Did we miss something in our brainstorming notes? Has David made the interview call? Is the PowerPoint file I am looking at the latest version?” — then it’s time to use apps for startups to streamline your management process and boost productivity.

Here are apps we recommend for you:

1. Evernote


To kick start your ideas

Every goal starts with ideas. Evernote is a note-taking app for you and your team to capture, brainstorm and develop your brilliant ideas. Ideas can be easily and quickly dumped out of your brain and onto your desktop or smartphone, whenever, wherever you like.

2. Quire

To turn your ideas into to-dos

It is like what Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Your startup begins with one too. Quire is a simple, fast and lightweight task management tool made to help teams break down their ideas into smaller and smaller tasks, so they can tackle them one by one.

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3. Slack

For efficient communication within your team

In case you have not heard, Slack is an incredible communication app for teams. With Slack, all your conversations with your team are in one go and in one place. You can forget all about the annoying back-and-forth emails because of this lifesaver.

4. Wave

To keep track of your payments and expenses

You hate numbers. However, you need to be in control and know what is going on to your startup accounting.

Wave is an easy-to-understand accounting software designed specifically for small teams. In seconds, you can create and send invoices, payrolls and receipts, and even get insights from useful reports.

5. PomoDone

To make the most of your time

Everyone knows about the Pomodoro Technique. You swear you will stay focused and productive but the next thing you know, you have updated your Facebook status and read through your Twitter feed. PomoDone is an sleek-looking Pomodoro time tracking app that makes sure you do the right things in the right amount of time.

If you are struggling with building your startup, now is a good time to use one or more of the tools mentioned above. Your startup can be successful when you use the right tools, and spend the right amount of time on the right tasks.

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