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All We Need is Love? Wrong! Here are 6 Ways to Improve your Relationship

Written on 4/23/2008 by Jodie Clements, of

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard it before. The Beatles sang about it, thousands have written about it, countless young hopefuls have pondered it….

‘All you need is love’

(Or, so they say).

With today’s divorce rate climbing faster than you can swallow a slice of wedding cake, it seems that we need a lot more than just a bit of love to make our relationships go the long haul.

The cold hard truth is this: having your dream relationship fall out of the sky, into your lap and spending the rest of your life ‘happily ever after’ with zero effort on your part – is about as likely as finding a pork chop at a bar-mitzvah.

It’s true.

HowEVER…recognizing what you have in your hands, appreciating it and working on it TOGETHER to make your relationship everything you ever dreamed of, is actually far more attainable than you can possibly imagine.

And, pretty easy too…

    1. Give exactly what you want to get: Try not to think about what you are getting; focus on what you are giving. If you want a partner that is more thoughtful, attentive, romantic, whatever, become that way yourself and you’ll be surprised how the other side reacts. It’s amazing; partners tend to mirror each other’s behavior.







Guys, you too – communication is KEY to a good relationship. Allow yourselves the pleasure of having a conversation that lasts more than halftime of a football game! A wise person once told me to “marry someone you can talk to”. When we are old and grey, talking will count for more than we can imagine today.





Make your partner your best friend. Be reliable like you would be with your best friend. Be there like you would for a best friend. Be supportive, loving, kind and everything else, in good times and bad, just like you would for your best friend. Get this one nailed and everything else should pretty much take care of itself.

So that’s it, six tips for a relationship designed to make sure he or she will always ‘love you, yeah, yeah, yeah‘…

Good luck to us all.


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