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9 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Income – Today

today! Had you started this a few months back, you’d be well on your way. You didn’t though so here we are.

Many of us are making the same money we did in 2007 and there are no bluebirds on the horizon. So, it’s up to us to do something.

If you are happy with your income level and not phased by the way everything has become more expensive in the last year, save time, stop reading, go take a nap. If however, you want to get a leg up and you are willing to do the work, read on – these will help you on your journey.

So here are some things you can do to put yourself on a track headed for higher salaries, higher commissions, and higher rates. No one is going to do it for you, it’s your ship to navigate.

    1. Wake up early. Did you miss this one already? Don’t worry because we have 8 more things you can do to increase your income – today. 

One of the most touted things people in business recommend to help others improve their income is to improve their communication and leadership skills. Being able to confidently stand up and speak in public is one of the most visible and recognized skills you can have at your disposal. Being able to present a compelling case to a customer prospect or to your boss as to why they should spend more on you or whatever you are selling likely won’t fly if you are a wallflower or turn to mush when called on to speak. You should instead stand and deliver your message in a clear and compelling manner.

Use this same philosophy when it comes to increasing your income. If you have a good customer prospect or some opportunity to demonstrate a high value proposition to your boss or co-workers, don’t wait. Do it now. If it doesn’t work, you might still get another shot. And if it does, then you have just increased your income!

You might have noticed that some of these above things are slanted from a financial perspective. This is not by accident. There is a strong correlation between one’s income and his or her proximity to the financial aspects of the business or job. Owners, lawyers, accountants and top managers who tend to be involved with the financial aspects of life and business, tend to have much higher incomes than people who do not.

Written by Peter Roosen and Tatsuya Nakagawa from Atomica Creative.

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