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9 Little Things Happy People Don’t Do

Have you ever noticed that the happy people in this world seem to do things, or rather not do things that differ to what the majority of unhappy people would do?


Sure they may only be small things, but they great factors in the overall happiness someone has in their life. The majority of people in this world are in the constant pursuit of happiness, and it’s not because of what they do and don’t have.

The majority are unhappy because of the things they do or do not do, without even realizing it. This article outlines 9 little things happy people don’t do.

1) They Don’t Get Grumpy Traveling to Work

Everyday when I drive to work, I look at the other drivers on the road who pass me by and they all seem depressed and miserable. There’s maybe one happy face among the hundred I pass.

Maybe they’re just faces of concentration but the majority do not look happy that they’re going to work. Which indicates that they don’t particularly like their jobs or getting up at the time they’d like to.

Happy people however, will throw on some music and be singing away to themselves without a care in the world. They enjoy the drive, and don’t consider it as a race against the clock from point A to point B.

2) They Don’t Feel Sorry for Themselves

Do you often see a successful and happy person feeling sorry for themselves?

You don’t, because that’s giving themselves a reason to feel bad, and happy people just wouldn’t do that. Happy people accept the situation and react with an incredibly positive attitude.

You know the quote; “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

3) They Don’t Waste Opportunities

When opportunities are wasted people often are left with a great deal of regret for not taking them whilst they could.

Those that always take the opportunities that are given to them, and go out of their way to make them, are happy because their circumstances are most likely always improving.

4) They Don’t Need to be Center of Attention

Happy people generally don’t do things for the sake of attention. They’re content with who they are and comfortable with realizing other people’s opinions. Therefore they don’t need to do or say anything to stand out purely for the attention they’ll get from others.

Which makes us ask ourselves, do we seek attention from others on purpose?

Do you often do things for the sake of attention? Hell, I’m sure we all have at some point. I definitely have. But the reason that happy people don’t need to be the center of attention is because they accept who they are and understand there are more important things in life.

5) They Don’t Forget to Enjoy Life

With time being so precious and short, many people go through the motion of rushing things in order to get everything done within their daily schedule. In doing so, they forget to enjoy life much like the driving example I mentioned above.

People are so set on being on time for work or meetings that they rush the drive and just don’t enjoy it. If you’re travelling somewhere new, take in the sights, don’t let them fly by you.

Happy people don’t forget to enjoy life.

6) They Don’t Act Selfishly

Sometimes it may seem like you will never be able to build a happy life when you’re constantly focusing on being selfless, helping others and putting their needs before your own.

Where’s the time to work on your own life?

Although, what they say about helping others is true. It’s a natural emotion as human beings to feel good when we help someone else, and in most cases they show their appreciation towards you.

Helping others can go a long way, and all good businesses are based on helping other people. That’s how they become so popular. People are willing to pay for the help businesses, products etc. can give them.

7) They Don’t Hold Onto their Past

Holding onto the past is a guaranteed way to remain unhappy with your life. You’re not there anymore, so why worry about it.

Don’t let the past consume your future. You will good memories, you will have bad memories. But either way they are still old memories, so it’s best to go out there and focus on making some new ones.

8) They Don’t Mind Not Being in Control

Have you ever just let go and let events occur naturally?

We’re so set on trying to control everything in life and get the outcomes we desire, that all happiness is lost in the process. The surprise of not knowing what’s coming disappears.

Which is why happy people don’t mind not being in control. I’m not talking about everything. We have to take control of most situations in life, but too many times do we over-think small situations where we could have just let the wind carry us.

Spend some time just going with the flow. Don’t think about things too much, just do things as they come.

9) They Don’t Take Things for Granted

It’s so easy to become unhappy with the way your life is going when you get greedy and ungrateful. You’re constantly wanting more, which means you never take the time to appreciate what you’ve got. The only result this produces is you being constantly unhappy with your current situation.

There is no happiness where there is greed.

People who are genuinely happy can appreciate all the things they have in this world, and realize that not everyone may have what they have. That’s an important realization to have.


Happiness is not all about what we have and don’t have in life. It’s a factor, but it’s not the end all of how we feel. There are just certain things in life that happy people don’t do, and it eliminates worries, issues and negative feelings from their life.

Those eliminations make all the difference.

To sum up, here’s the list one more time:

1. They don’t get grump on the way to work
2. They don’t feel sorry for themselves
3. They don’t waste opportunities
4. The don’t need to be the center of attention
5. They don’t forget to enjoy life
6. They don’t act selfishly
7. They don’t hold onto their past
8. They don’t mind not being in control
9. They don’t take things for granted

Which of the things on the list do you still do? Leave a comment below.

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