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7 Ways To Have The Greatest Day of Your Life

Written on 5/20/2008 by Alex Shalman, creator of the Practical Personal Development blog.

When I ask someone how their day is going, the response I get most often is, “Fine.” Most people settle for fine, are happy when things are fine, but can’t fathom the possibility of creating the greatest day of their life — whenever they want!

I believe that people are scared of achieving greatness. Without giving it a second thought, the idea of being great seems as if it would come with a lot of work and huge responsibility. By now it’s no secret that the things that have brought us the most pleasure in life are those that we’ve given more time to and put more work into. Even if you misfire and don’t hit the greatest day of your life you could end up short at an awesome day. This will take much effort on your part.

It follows that in order to have a greatest day, whether overall or in a certain category, we must push ourselves harder than ever before. In order to reach that milestone we must earn it. Sometimes through sweat and tears, and sometimes through using our minds.

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.~John C. Maxwell

  1. Decide that fine is bad. Fine means you aren’t growing or swimming, which means that you are shrinking and sinking. Fine is being average, it’s being defeated, and it’s giving up. Fine means that nothing outstanding happened to you today and you should know that you deserve something miraculous in your life.Fine is also a relative term. A billionaire could feel fine about making only 2 million dollars today, or a middle class man could feel fine about having 3 square meals today. A poor person would be delighted out of their mind at a couple million bucks and a starving person would jump up and down at the thought of 3 square meals. The point is to decide what’s fine for you and do everything in your mind to exceed this level.
  2. Relationship with self. Become aware of everything that had to happen in the universe in order to put your here right now. The big-bang, God, evolution, the earth revolving around the sun, the right sperm reaching the egg at just the right time. The fact that you are standing here is impossible!You’re worth more than diamonds, castles, and spaceships and it’s taken too many perfect coincidences to bring you here. On this day, when you become conscious of your self-worth, and acknowledge it as being more than you have ever said it to be before, you are having the greatest day of your life.
  3. Upgrade yourself.Become conscious and aware of your skills, talents, and character traits. Make it a point to become a little bit better. A better person, friend, artist, investor, parent, writer, or anything else that is important to you.When you’ve chiseled your character, sharpened your skill, or expressed your talents more so than ever before, you will have the greatest day ever. Such self-improvement, sitting on the shoulders of all previous self-improvement, will allow you to have the greatest day ever.
  4. Create huge possibilities.I’ve mentioned that striving for greatness could lead to a misfire and leave you off at awesome instead of best. Keeping this principle in mind create the biggest goals, dreams, and possibilities that you have ever made for yourself or your life.Think bigger and better than ever before. It is right now, during the planning and within the possibilities that you will have the greatest day of your life.
  5. Love your hardest. Love with more energy and passion than you have ever loved before. Listen harder, spend more time, and create greater workability in your relationships than on previous days.Do something unique, caring, or fun for the ones you loved. Just love them with all your might. When you’ve loved harder than you’ve ever loved before, you will have the greatest day of your life.
  6. Positive self-talk.Be optimistic in the way that you talk to yourself. Your mind will absorb the way you speak to yourself and process it as fact. Make sure those facts are aligned with greatness.When you’ve had the best conversations with yourself, you will be able to have better relationships, achieve more, try harder, and be happier than ever before. With the best positive self-talk you will have the greatest day of your life.
  7. Be God-like.Religion aside, think practically. On this day you will act more God-like. The practical thing to do is to be as giving as you can with your time, wisdom, and strength.That’s what God does right? Gives selflessly, without expecting anything in return, and with love for his people. When you’ve given more than you’ve ever given before, you will have the greatest day of your life.

You certainly can prepare for the greatest day of your life by making sure you will be filled with vitality. Do this by drinking plenty of water the day before and the day of, doing some cardio to spread the endorphins throughout your body, and getting the right amount of rest for your body.

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” ~Les Brown


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