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7 Tricks to Write Faster, Better, And More Insightful Articles … Right Now



I finished . I looked up at my friend sitting across from me. I was in school. It was 1st grade and I had just finished writing a story in my small, blue and white notebook. Back then, I had an affinity for writing short stories where animals could talk, and most of them died in every story, much like Kenny in Southpark.

Since writing those short stories, I’ve always loved writing.

It wasn’t until 2007 that I wanted to start making a living with my words, specifically through websites. It took me a few years to get the hang of it all, but it finally clicked. All it took was the willingness to keep moving forward, and have faith in the fact that I would learn what I needed to learn.

There are still many out there that want to try, but just don’t know how, or maybe you write fine, but would like to get even better, and even faster. That’s what this article will do, if you apply what you learn. Consider these:

  1. Outline
    It’s easy to get lost in your writing. In order to maintain focus, I always try to outline my articles. Sometimes I outline in more detail, and sometimes I just jot down a few sub-headings that will guide me through it all.

Once in a blue moon, I may write without having an outline, but that’s for shorter articles. I live and die by the outline, and it works beautifully for me.

  • Freewrite
    Once you’ve got your outline in place, throw the editors hat on the shelf and just start writing. Don’t censor yourself; let it all come out. It doesn’t matter if what comes out is rubbish. Write, and write some more until you have more than you need. 

Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or flow.

  • Rewrite
    Once you’ve got your lump of text in front of you, it’s time to rewrite what you’ve got. Now you take off your creative writing hat, and grab your editor’s hat. Rewrite your article once as best as you can, then sleep on it, and come back in 24 hours. This simple rule works wonders. 
  • Observe
    Now, for the insightful part; observe what you think about and what happens during the day. There are a lot of things that happen to you that you take for granted. Many of those things are nuggets of gold for your readers, because not everyone is you. 

You may have the solution to a pesky problem many have, but it’s second nature to you that you don’t even think about it.

  • Read Books
    I love reading books. Books are a great place for inspiration and new ideas. You see, books are carefully researched and written, which means you can borrow a lot of ideas, and you can improve your writing by leaps and bounds if you pay attention. 
  • Kill Your Comfort Zone
    We all want to be comfortable, safe, and secure, but the truth of the matter is that the more we go out of our comfort zone, the more ideas we have. The more you break through your fear, the more inspiring and interesting you become. 

Break your patterns, do something new, and inspiration will hit you like a brick wall. You can’t miss it.

  • Be You
    Last, but definitely not least, give yourself permission to be you, with quirks and all. The more you try to hold back, the harder it is to write, because you’re trying to be someone you’re not. 

Think of it like this: the more you can be you, the more of the people you really want to hang out with you will attract.

What’s your take on this? Do you have any secrets to share on how to write faster, better, and more insightful articles?

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