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7 Reasons to Get Away To Unleash Your Best Ideas

Are you still sitting behind your desk or at home to do your brainstorming?

If we want to be innovative and generate ideas that will benefit our lives we have to think. We need to brainstorm. And we need to relax so our minds can formulate.

People don’t spend enough time doing focused brainstorming and deep thinking. With the endless gadgets, toys and browsing of the Information Age we find ourselves constantly distracted, getting all of our answers from Internet Searches. The problem is you can’t browse yourself to locate a breakthrough idea.

So the simple answer is to get away. Leave your office. Leave your house. I am not talking about going out of town or to Club Med, a local coffee shop will do.

Here are the top 7 reasons we should go out to do our best brainstorming and deep thinking:

    1. New combinations – We get most breakthrough ideas by combining two or more unrelated items. A good example is the peanut butter cup. Nobody normally associated chocolate and peanut butter until some brilliant soul combined them. Did I say it was a brilliant mind? Getting out lets you combine different environments, items and scenery.













Brad Isaac is a lead software developer and blogger. You can read his daily goal setting and motivational tips at the Achieve-IT! blog.

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