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7 Life Lessons I Learned on Success, Happiness & Creativity

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I recently looked back at the last two years of my life and contemplated the lessons I’ve learned. I wasn’t bored, wasn’t in search for myself, and I wasn’t reeling after a defeat; I simply wanted to improve and reflect. I think this is important – to appreciate our wins, losses, new passions, insights, etc. Not reflecting on our lives and experiences is, well, a wasted chance for growth and learning.

At first I was going to jot these lessons down in my diary but then remembered that we are in the age of information sharing and collaboration. So I thought that sharing them here will extend their meaning and benefit beyond my own personal gain and that’s a great thing.

So without further adieu, here are some of the more profound things I’ve learned recently:

    1. Focus on the process and not the outcome
      This thought was beautifully summed up by Srikumar Rao. He explains how we fail because we focus our energies on the outcome (the object or circumstance we desire) rather than the process itself. When a child learns to walk, she never focuses on the outcome but solely on the process. Success is then an unthought but very probable outcome. 

So, do any of these resonate with you? These are mine, the things that I really think jump off the page when I think about my experiences. Do you have a similar list? If so, share some of your thoughts and experiences in the comments. If we all take a thought and leave a thought, I guarantee that we’ll be better off.

Thanks for the time and share this with those you care about.

Written on 4/09/2010 by Gilbert Ross. For more great articles by Gilbert, make sure to visit his blog Soul Hiker. You may also subscribe to his posts here or follow him on Twitter or Facebook. Photo Credit: Let Ideas Compete
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