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7 Behaviors Of Emotionally Wealthy People That You Should Emulate

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character” – Albert Einstein
Being emotionally wealthy is an essential part of your success as it determines your attitude and thoughts towards life. People who are emotionally strong have a bigger potential to become successful than those who are emotionally weak.
How is that possible? Emotionally wealthy people possess qualities that other people don’t. When you are emotionally wealthy you have the power to handle your thoughts in the best way possible and other people have a tendency to be naturally drawn to you.
But are you emotionally wealthy? Check out these signs to find out. If not, then start emulating these behaviors. Let’s see what distinguishes emotionally wealthy people from the rest:

1. They Don’t Seek Approval

A great identifier of emotional wellness is your standpoint against other people encouragement or discouragement. Those who are emotionally wealthy stand by their values and beliefs and don’t bow down to doubts expressed by others.
When you have emotional intelligence you have the confidence to take your own road without asking for permission or seeking confirmation for your actions.

2. They Believe That Experiences are More Valuable Than Materialistic Fulfillment

Well being is highly related with the values you have in your life. People high in emotional intelligence give more importance to having multiple life experiences like travelling, going to a concert or enjoying a weekend of skiing.
On the other side emotionally poor people tend to seek materialistic fulfillment in the form of buying new clothes, accessories, automobiles or houses.
When you are emotionally wealthy you know that experiences are priceless because they lead to beautiful long-lasting emotions, wisdom and bonding with people. On the other side fulfilling materialistic needs leads only to instant gratification and the feeling of excitement decreases with time.
Life experiences cultivate beautiful emotions and make you a better person, they lead to self-improvement.

Having the ability to buy a new car or get stylish clothes is important for your emotional fulfillment but shouldn’t be your number one priority and shouldn’t be used as a fuel for self-satisfaction as it doesn’t create a long-lasting effect.

3. They are Genuine with Themselves and Others

When you are emotionally wealthy, the person you present to the outer world is identical with the person inside. You don’t need to wear a mask because you are real, you are genuine to yourself. You don’t have to pretend that you are someone else to make people like you.

Of course, in certain situations you have to shift your attitude, you can’t behave or speak the same way in a business meeting like you would speak in a party with your friends.
But this is normal. The point is that the overall appearance of who you feel you are is exactly what you present to others. You don’t fake it to make people like you.

4. They Show Gratitude

We have so much, yet we forgot to show our appreciation for the things we have. Whether these things are money, career, health, family or friends most people take them for granted.
They say that you can’t understand the value of what you have until it’s lost forever.
Sometimes that’s true. But those who are emotionally wealthy understand that their lives are a blessing. When you show sincere appreciation for what you have in your life then you open the road for a lot more things.
You make people naturally like you and you attract more amazing things, people and experiences just because you value what you have and you don’t take it for granted.

5. They Control Their Emotions

Your emotional wellness is highly related to the way you manage your emotions, in particular your negative ones. When you have high emotional intelligence you are able to deal with feelings like anger and stress in a way that most people don’t.
The majority lets their feelings overwhelm them or even try to deny that these feelings exist. On the other side emotionally wealthy people don’t let feelings of sadness and fear get in their way towards their goals.

6. They Value Their Time

People high in emotional intelligence don’t tolerate spending time on tasks or activities that offer no benefit to their personal growth. Those who are emotionally wealthy understand that they must be committed on their plans for success.
They don’t waste their time doing things that they don’t really want to do because of reasons like obligation or caring too much about other people’s opinion for them.
Ultimately, what really matters is feeling ok with yourself and doing the things that satisfy your soul. Satisfying others instead of yourself shouldn’t be in your program when it doesn’t offer you anything in return.

7. They Accept Responsibility

Those who are emotionally wealthy know that their life is in their own hands. So when something terrible happens in their lives they accept responsibility and don’t blame others for their mistakes.
They ignore resentments because they know that pointing fingers to others only holds them back and doesn’t help them move forward. Holding resentments is a behavior of emotionally weak people who spend their valuable energy trying to criticize others for their own faults.

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