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60+ Improvements to Make To Your Life

So here I am at 1:09 AM writing on Dumb Little Man, listening to the radio (Hotel California; Eagles, currently). I am a normal middle class guy, decent house, good job, kids, wife, and a cute blog.

You know what though, I am not ultimately happy. When searching deep inside, I know there is more I can do and there are probably things you can do to become a better person as well. Sure you can become healthier, a better spouse, a better worker, etc. However, what most people don’t realize it that once a single obstacle is overcome, there is always another to achieve. Life is a never ending improvement process. You see, no matter what you do or how perfect your life seems, there is always something to improve.

If you think you are perfect, run through this list of things and see how well you do. These are simple things that I personally pay attention to. My goal is for you to create your own list or if you need to, grab a few ideas from me. I chose these items from real mistakes that either I have made, or someone close to me has. Your story may differ, but the fact remains…you will need to address your issues at some point in life:

Pretty simple individually, but as a whole this is a tough list to consistently accomplish. I’ll be honest, I haven’t done it but I am working on it. What things are on your personal list of goals? Do you have a list of things to work on or are you coasting day-by-day?

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