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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Action

You’re lying on the couch and Teen Mom is on TV.

You don’t even care, it’s just noise, because you are procrastinating a task you know has to be done.

This could be a number of things such as a paper, home work, cleaning, or maybe it’s a goal you want to accomplish.

The term “getting motivated” is a huge buzz word in the self help community.

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as the ‘gurus’ make it.

Here are some practical steps you can do right now to push yourself to action.1. Throw your hat over the wall

Do you remember being on the playground in elementary school when some idiot threw the ball over the fence?

Then everyone got together and decided who had to hop the fence and get it? Let’s use this example in today’s life. Throwing your hat over the wall means completing an action that forces you to get started on a goal.

Let’s say you’ve been wanting to get in shape for awhile but haven’t came up with the motivation. Do this right now: go buy a 3 month membership to your local gym.

Congrats, you’ve just thrown your hat over the wall, now go get it. Look for simple actions that will force you to get motivated to act.

2. Make the consequences unbearable

Did you know most people would rather protect their assets than risk gaining more? This is human nature but sometimes it goes against our best interest.

This technique is similar to the first but stands out on this principle: if you don’t accomplish your goal, there will be consequences.

Here’s a good example. Let’s stick with the exercise theme and say you posted on Facebook how you are going to post pictures of your ‘new’ self in 60 days. Okay, so now you have a challenge. What will be more painful?

You being sore from the gym or the embarrassment of you shirtless on Facebook? What scenario can you create to make the consequences of not accomplishing a goal more painful than taking action?

3. Envision 

There was once a man who was very fast and would race people for money in his small village. One day another man approached him and challenged him to a race. The challenger asked the fast man just how he was so fast. The man answered, “When I’m racing, I picture a wolf chasing me.”, “Ah” replied the challenger.

They both lined up 200 yards away to begin the showdown. Bam! Went the gun and the two started off. The fast man was ahead at first but then from the corner of his eye the saw the challenger blow past him and cleared the finish line right in front of him.

After the race, the fast man approached him and asked how he was so fast. The challenger replied, “Well you see. When I run, I picture myself chasing the wolf”.

Envision the feeling of actually accomplishing your goal and then chase that feeling like the wolf.

4. Set aside something until you accomplish the mission

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes to just go without something is a great motivator. If I told every woman that they could not eat chocolate until they’ve lost 5lbs the gym would be a massacre.

What’s something that you really like that you could give up?

Could it be no more internet browsing until you’ve written your term paper? This is a great way to build willpower as well as motivate.

5. Start the snowball

What does every large snowball have in common? They were all started by a single snowflake. This is a momentum builder.

What small task can you do right now that you can keep building on until you’ve conquered your goal?

This may be hard because if you lack the motivation to do anything in the first place. So use one of the other tactics first then implement this one to get going.

Let’s say you want to start a pet grooming business. It may seem overwhelming at first. What would be the smallest action you can take that you can build on?

How about reading a pet grooming book or just seeking out potential rental space?

Once you do take action however, you’ll see the momentum carry you to the finish line.

Written on 3/25/2013 by Milan. Milan is a recent college graduate and “beginner” entrepreneur. He writes, life coaches, and does personal training. His passion is helping you discover yours. From dating advice to nutrition, he’s probably covered it. When not envisioning plans for world domination, he’s a writer for Elite Daily and posts semi-interesting articles on his website, Photo Credit:
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