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5 Simple Mindsets To Make You Happier Everyday

Happiness is not determined by what is happening around you but how you perceive those circumstances. Often you must have noticed that some people manage to remain happier than the others most of the time. Dejection and depression tend to affect them much less as compared to others.

They seem composed and gratified at all times and often, bringing cheerfulness wherever they go. Ever wondered what makes these individuals stand out? A research study on such people’s psychology reveals that these people rear certain habits and mindsets which keep them going strong and happy all the time.

Below are 5 such simple mindsets listed for you to adopt and be happier with every passing day:

1. Remain optimistic

Maybe you have not been able to buy your dream car yet or cease to have the perfect figure or want to quit your dissatisfying job, either ways accept life with all it’s challenges. Know that each one of us have their share of struggle and difficulties in life.

It is important that you remain hopeful and work towards your aspirations. Let disappointments and failures not weigh you down. Keep your composure, gather you strengths and work harder towards your dreams. Have faith in your abilities.

2. Let go of negativities

Perhaps it is human tendency to remember the negatives more strongly than the positives and mull over thoughts and feelings which usher dark thoughts. Inculcate the habit of putting a conscious check when you feel the same way and instead, concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. It will not be easy but after frequent practice, you will do better.
Surround yourself with people who instil positivity into your life and avoid company of individuals who breathe negativity into your life. Tell yourself that it cannot be anyone but yourself, who can influence your feelings. Forgive, even when it is difficult, for the sake of your health and mind.

3. Grow as a person

Your prime focus should be to promote the wellbeing of your soul. Refrain from comparing yourself with others, instead count your blessings. Cherish moments which nurture you as a person and elevate you from your present state of being.
Connect with a purpose and make a conscious effort to cultivate your life around it. Find out what gives you satisfaction and invest time in taking up such endeavours. Invest some time to pursue your passion. It will instil concentration and render happiness into your life.

4. Give and take compliments

Giving and receiving compliments is a social interaction. Pay genuine compliments to friends and colleagues. Such gestures not only make their day but give you a feel good factor as well.
Focus on complimenting things over which people have control, such as their kindness and generosity. Similarly, when someone compliments you, take it with a smile and thank him/her. These gestures boost harmony and strengthen relationships.

5. Meditate regularly

Find sometime out of your hectic schedule to sit down to gain insights into your mind, heart and body. Cut yourself out of any kind of distraction, random thoughts and focus on one particular object which appeals to you. Block all your thoughts one by one , close your eyes and sit quietly for as long as you can.
Meditation reduces stress, blood pressure, boosts your immune system and creates a sense of well being. Pick a convenient time and begin with just five minutes and gradually increase the time.

Believe in yourself, you abilities and your command over the course of your life and you will remain happier and become stronger with every passing day.

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