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5 Reasons to Use Pinterest to Create A Vision Board



“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” – Joel A. Barker

As we reflect on the past year and welcome the new, many of us may start to think about what we would like our new year to look like. And what better way to capture what it is we want then to ‘pin’ it on a vision board.

A vision board is a collection of images and photos of what you want in your life. The concept behind it is when you have an image of what it is you want in front of you, you will be reminded and inspired to take action in achieving your goals. It helps focus your energy making it easier for you to envision and pay attention to your desires.

The key then is to hold that image of what it is you desire and to feel the emotion you would feel as if you already have it. This will help harness your subconscious mind helping it focus and draw what it is you want into your life. Energy flows where your attention goes. This is the basis of Law of Attraction.

A Caveat

Simply by imagining and feeling what it is you desire, be it your ideal partner, lifestyle, career, won’t just show up at your door. You also need to take action.

A vision without focus and action is of no use.

On that note, if the idea of creating a vision board interests you and you think it’ll be a fun way to help you focus and inspire you to take action towards realizing your dreams, consider creating a vision board online on Pinterest.

1. It’s paperless. It’s online so it is environmentally friendly. This means you don’t have to spend money on buying magazines and craft supplies to make your board. You can easily add and edit as often as you like. When you find a better image to represent what it is you desire, you can swap in the new and delete the old. It doesn’t take up space on your wall, and it is a convenient for you to access so long as you have Internet access.

2. It’s an abundant source to capture inspiring images. From photos to quotes to infographics, thanks to triple ‘w’, you’ll find an array of images to choose from to capture your ideal image that expresses what it is you want. There are also content and videos for you to discover that may be relevant to your topic of interest, which you can also ‘pin’. Essentially, by ‘pinning’, you are capturing it like a snapshot to remind you of the content you have tagged, and where you can go to revisit it again at anytime.

3. It’s easy. All you need to do is to create an account with Pinterest and you can start to create boards. Surf on Pinterest to find images and content you like or if you see something on the web that you like, Pin it.
For your vision board, you can have one big vision board or you can categorize your boards, i.e. my dream home, my dream career, my ideal partner and relationships, my dream vacation. My suggestion is to categorize it, as I like things organized. But, there’s no right or wrong way. Do it in a way that makes sense and feels good to you.

4. It can be interactive or private. When you come across something that may add value to help you achieve your vision, you can share it with friends easily to get their thoughts or support. This works well if you are collaborating with others or if you are a part of a shared interest or accountability group.
For those who would like to keep their vision boards private, you can set and make your board so that others can’t see. When you create your new board, there’s a ‘keep it secret’ option available for you to move the slider to ON, to make it private. (Note: if you choose to create your board as public, or if you choose to make your secret board visible later on, you can’t go back to making it ‘secret’ again.)

5. It allows you to add notes. When you pin something there’s a description box that gives you the ability to capture any additional information you want to add to make it more personable to you. For example, you might come across a juicing recipe, or a quick 10 minute work out sequence, and you think it’ll be a great addition to help you with your health goals. So you write in the description area, must make and try this by the end of this week. Or perhaps you come across an inspirational quote on love and you write, read 3x before bed for the next 10 days. Whatever it is, if it make sense to capture what it means to you, or to capture an inspired action then add it.

If you have made it this far reading this article, and still prefer the traditional way, where you cut and paste on poster paper or pin on corkboard then do that! My preference is to use Pinterest and I am just sharing why I like it. I’m an advocate of you doing what works for you.

The bottom line is ‘Every day is a new chance to bring your pins to life.’ – Pinterest.

Whether you create your vision board via the traditional or digital way, do make it a habit to look at it. After all, it is a tool to help you focus and jog your subconscious mind of what it is you want to experience, do and attract in your life to feel inspired. As an additional challenge, I’d encourage you to ask yourself each day, what can I do today to move me forward in the direction of attaining my desire? Share and comment below!

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