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5 Personality Traits Every Entrepreneur Should Have

If it’s just about the money, forget it.

Running your own business can be a wild and crazy ride. And if money is your sole motivation, it simply won’t be enough to sustain you when you’re hanging on for dear life.

Running your own start-up business, you’ll have to wear many hats.

In the early days, you’ll likely find yourself doing literally everything: selling, marketing, invoicing, emailing, planning, meeting, cleaning… and maybe even crying!

It’s a tough gig. And the large skill set required precludes many people from leaving the bosom of their 9-5 world.

But for those who are about to take the leap of faith, the following five personality traits will help you survive the crazy world of entrepreneurship:

1. Curiosity.

Possibly the most healthy and important trait is a desire to learn and know. It helps you acquire the skills you’ll need to navigate the business world and will keep you moving and improving. It will help you monitor and learn from your competitors and lead you towards new strategies and technology. If you harbor this trait, it will serve you well.

2. Tenacity.

Surviving the knocks and setbacks you will encounter requires a great deal of tenacity. It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to have spent days and nights fretting over and preparing a proposal for a life and business changing contract, only to lose out to a competitor who rubs you up the wrong way. It’s soul destroying and you need this trait in abundance to get back up and move forward with optimism.

3. Great Communication.

Try explaining to your spouse and children why you’re not home as much anymore and that you can’t make the big game on the weekend. It’s hard. Very hard. Communication is so important to keep your life on track whilst you’re working to improve your future. And you’ll also need this trait when dealing with clients and employees. Get used to finding yourself playing the role of motivator, councilor, apologist, good cop, bad cop and everything in between.

4. Sense of Humor.

Waking up after four hours of sleep and patiently dealing with a hectic morning schedule, kids that simply refuse to get out of bed and a dog that has barfed on the kitchen floor, requires the gift of an above average sense of humor. Add to this the ability to smile back appreciatively when you work more but earn less than your own employees and you’re halfway there.

5. Passion.

Read the first line of this article again. Successful business owners and entrepreneurs are rarely in it just for the money. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find the best are fired up by their product or service and love to solve problems. They want to make things better, cheaper or easier. This passion is also found in budding entrepreneurs who have yet to even develop a product. They simply know they want a different life and path. They yearn to live a life of purpose and achievement.

The very best entrepreneurs have a mix of these personality traits along with the more mundane practical skills required to run a successful business.

They are able to cope with set backs and solve problems while maintaining a balanced, healthy personal and family life.

And they achieve this because they love what they do. And life itself.

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