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4 Ways to Work On The Internet and Stay Healthy

We “ the internet people” can’t really say that we focus on having a healthy lifestyle. I mean, our posture is usually bad from all the sitting around, we can’t exactly be called fit, and most of us love fast food, as well as sodas and other sugary drinks. There is also the fact that we like spending time indoors, and we don’t get enough sun, and the irregular sleeping patterns ail a big part of the online community as well. But most of you are aware that your lifestyle isn’t exactly healthy, what’s the difficult part about this is getting the strength to do something about it.


Willpower is a fickle friend, and can betray you at the most crucial moments. Still, there is no reason to panic and despair, everyone has motivation problems. Yes, everyone! Motivation is something you practice, and if it’s been a long time since you took control over your routine and tried to change it, then you are in for a bit of trouble. There are more ways than one to work on your motivation and get your mindset ready for change. No more dragging your feet, it’s time for some changes!
Find a healthy role model

Finding a healthy role model might be a bit more difficult than you think. Most “healthy programs” are promoted by the people that look like all they are doing is working out. In a lot of cases, their training programs are for professional athletes who have the time and the energy to pull it off. A lot of times, people use movie stars and professional athletes as their role models, but that’s not what you want to do. Seeing that the process of getting in shape is a slow and gradual, one it might seem to you that you will never reach your desired goal, which can kill your motivation. This is why there is all this fuss about impossible standards going around the web. Pick a real person as your role model, preferably someone you know so that you can ask for tips.
Don’t let guilt get to you

I’ve heard tons of motivational speeches by both online and offline life coaches, fitness instructors and similar health experts who try to hype you up to make a change. Sure, this works while the initial hype lasts, and let’s be honest, it doesn’t last long, but as soon as you hit a rough patch and fail to meet a desired goal, or slip up with your diet or whatever, you are going to feel the guilt. The thing with guilt is that it can cripple you and make you doubt yourself. This ruins your self-confidence, and all the barriers that held your bad habits come down, and most people actually give up at this point. They just go: “It can’t be helped!” and “I’m just not ready”. Don’t let yourself become a victim of your own doubts, and guilt yourself into thinking that you are incapable of something. Just treat the slipups as minor setbacks, and move on. You don’t need to justify yourself for failing to do something, just move towards your goal. It is not about the fall, it’s about getting up.
Get someone to support you

We all need some support and some scolding from time to time. We tend to get tired, lose energy or simply have a bad day, which can drain us of the motivation we need to go on. This is where a good pep talk can be of great help. Sometimes, people make pacts to commit to changes together, relying on each other’s strengths to move forward. There is a nasty downside to this though. As Dr House would say: “Everybody lies”, and sometimes people believe their own lies, so if you are going to make a pact with someone, make sure you practice HONESTY! Like we’ve already mentioned, you should not feel guilty for not doing something, but you shouldn’t give yourself credit for things you didn’t do neither!
Know what you get and what you avoid

Most people are aware of the fact that they do not live a healthy lifestyle, and are even aware of what makes it unhealthy. What most of us tend to disregard are the underlying consequences of having these particular habits. Sometimes shock therapy is the best therapy. Think about the consequences your behavior can lead to. On the other hand, once you start your journey, knowing and noticing the benefits of your efforts will help you boost your moral and focus on achieving your goals even more. It usually doesn’t really help to focus on the benefits in the beginning, since they may seem too far down the road and unobtainable.
Getting rid of bad habits, whatever they may be, is not always a “do or die” situation. The go big or go home philosophy doesn’t apply in a very big majority of cases. You didn’t set into your bad habits immediately. It kind of went gradually until you noticed that things are bad and that you need to work on them. Well, what makes you think that bouncing back is going to be a thing you can do quickly. Give yourself the time to change, and keep confident. Battling bad habits is basically a battle with yourself, and you know your own strengths and weaknesses best!

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