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3 Ways to Embody Emotional Maturity

One of the factors that define adulthood for many is the ability to look at situations and take action based on the facts. Children tend to see a situation and base their choices not on facts, but on how they feel about it. It is often said that many people may have a chronological age that is defined by their birth date, but their emotional maturity does not match their age.

Emotional maturity is not something that is automatically given to someone when they turn 18. Emotional maturity is something that we must develop in our lives by knowing how to respond to situations in a mature and responsible manner.

Three factors that define emotional maturity are:

So now it is your turn. What is your emotional maturity? Can you see yourself in the above statements or are there areas you want to improve upon? It’s never too late – whether you are 18 or 81 there are chances for you to increase your emotional maturity age.

Written by David B. Bohl of Slow Down Fast.

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