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The 18 Most Valuable Parts to Success

Written on 5/05/2008 by Nicholas Powiull, writer and owner of Conscious Flex.

There are only a few good definitions for the word success; there are however thousands of interpretations. In this article we’ll assume that we can agree that success is achieved by accomplishing your goals or desires. Fair enough? Good.

Now that we agree on the definition, let’s move on to the process; it’s much tougher to grasp. The process for truly achieving success in work, home, or social settings contains several moving parts, all of which must be equally considered. This article will explain the most valuable parts of success. If you follow the recipe or guide in this article, you can achieve just about any goal you desire.

    1. Doing Less Creates More
      Most people believe that the harder you work, the more you gain. Yet the opposite is true. The people that figure out ways to get more done by exerting less power are the ones that truly get ahead – big time. These people were challenged, innovated, actively took action, and went against the grain of the majority. That is what made them successful, not the fact that the physically worked more. When you can learn to do less and gain more, you will find success. 


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