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15 Values That Make You a Better Partner and a Better Person

I believe that every man has certain values that he lives by. The only problem is that a lot of men are either not consciously aware of them, or they adhere to values that are not really beneficial for their personal development.


A couple of years ago I was one of those guys. I had no idea what my values were and the more I thought about them, the more I realized that I lived by values that were anything but good for my development. My behavior was self-destructive, I didn’t have any goals and self-love was an alien concept for me.

At some point I decided to work on myself and to leave all the negativity behind me. I wanted to integrate values in my life that meant something and that helped me to become a better partner for women and a better human being in general. Today I can think of 15 values that helped me to change my romantic relationships and my relationships with friends and family forever.

1. Empathy

If you aren’t empathic you will have a very hard time to maintain meaningful relationships with other people. One of the main reasons why I wasn’t able to build any meaningful relationships with women and with friends was because I didn’t have any empathy.

It hurts when I think back to that time, but when I am really honest I just didn’t like other people. Today I know that I had this attitude because I wasn’t able to love myself. Now I love myself and other people. Due to this internal change I was able to build meaningful relationships. I would say that empathy is the most important aspect of every relationship.

2. Passion

Are you passionate? In case you spend every day working in a job you hate, watching three hours TV once you are home and getting drunk every weekend you probably know the uncomfortable answer. You need passion in life to amaze other people and to cast a spell over women. There is really no way around that.

Passionate people are like magnets. They attract interesting people, good experiences and positive emotions. In case you don’t know what you are passionate about you should spend some time to think about your passions. Once you have found them it is time to do what you are passionate about. You will see how effortless it is to attract amazing people, once you live a passionate life.

3. Respect

If you respect other people they will respect you. I am not talking about respect that is based on fear. I am talking about respect in the form of appreciation and admiration. However, the tricky thing is that you can only truly respect other people, if you respect yourself.

How do you develop self-respect? Become a good person, do good things and follow the path that you really want to embark on. When you stop doing things that just don’t feel right, you will automatically respect yourself.

4. Stability

Are you a stable person? I don’t want to know if you fall over during a storm. I am talking about your emotional stability. If you are emotionally unstable you won’t be able to achieve success in business and you won’t be able to have successful relationships.

Your mood swings will kill your motivation and your work ethic and every self-confident girl you attract into your life will run away after a short period of time, because she doesn’t want to live together with a guy who can’t even live with himself.

Work on becoming an emotionally stable person and your life will change to the better.

5. Patience

Patience is absolutely necessary to achieve any goal you might have. If you start a business it is highly unlikely that you will become successful overnight. Success takes time.

If you meet the girl of your dreams it might take a few dates and a couple of deep conversations until she falls for you. Amazing relationships take time.
With patience you can achieve everything you want. If you don’t achieve it today, you might achieve it tomorrow.

6. Kindness

In order to give a woman an honest compliment you need kindness. In order to maintain a good friendship that is based on support and appreciation you need kindness. In order to network with people in your business or job you need kindness.

Kindness is a value that you can’t live without if you want to have a fulfilling life. If you are not kind you can’t expect kindness from other people and you also can’t expect to attract meaningful relationships.

7. Selflessness

A selfless person is someone who does good things without expecting anything in return. As a selfless person you do things to help others and to give value to other people, without expecting an instant gratification.

Selfless people are the ones who hold the world together and who make sure that people like me don’t stop believing in humanity. Don’t you think that a selfless person is more liked by other people than a selfish person?

8. Leadership

Being able and willing to lead other people is absolutely essential if you want to live an amazing life. Women are magically attracted to leaders. A man who shows leadership qualities communicates emotional strength and self-confidence. Those are highly attractive characteristics.

However, your leadership skills can provide you with more than just amazing relationships with women. A man without the ability to lead will never have a successful professional career. As a business owner you will never be able to lead your employees and as an employee you will never be able to get one of those embattled leadership positions.

It’s time to become a leader.

9. Open-Mindedness

As an open-minded person you are open to explore foreign cultures and to connect with people who have different beliefs and values. An open-minded person is able to rethink his beliefs about society, about relationships and about himself.

A narrow-minded person will most likely keep the same opinion until he dies without ever rethinking his own beliefs. What if you are a narrow-minded person and your beliefs are anything but good for you?

I am sure that you regret being so narrow-minded, once you are about to leave this earth.

10. Persistence

I already said that patience is an important value to live by if you want to achieve success. However, there is one value that makes your patience even more powerful. Patience without persistence can lead to a state where you hope for a miracle without ever doing something.

If you add persistence to your patience you have a value cocktail that allows you to not give up when it gets tough and to keep calm in those tough periods. This combination is the key to your success in life.

11. Courage

It takes courage to apply for your dream job, even though the odds are against you. It takes courage to start your own business, even though everyone is warning you. It takes courage to approach the girl of your dreams, even though your knees are shaking as soon as you talk to her.

All those things require courage. If you don’t have the necessary courage, you won’t even try to achieve any of the things that I just mentioned.

12. Intelligence

Being intelligent and especially using your intelligence will make you a better partner and a better human being. Being intelligent allows you to attract intelligent women and to communicate with them on a level that allows a connection. Being intelligent allows you to get the job you want and to convince the right business partners to work with you.

The problem is that there are so many people who stop training their intelligence. If you spend all day watching TV, playing video games and scrolling down your Facebook timeline, you don’t have to wonder why other people achieve more than you. They use their intelligence, instead of wasting it.

13. Trustworthiness

Every relationship is based on trust.
You can only have a fulfilling relationship with a woman if she trusts you. In case you are not trustworthy, you will have endless arguments about cheating and jealousy that will eventually lead to a breakup.

You can only have financial and professional success if your employees, your colleagues and your customers trust you.

Becoming a trustworthy person is an important step to a better life. How do you become such a person? Be 100% honest and authentic.

14. Strength

Do you have the strength to maintain a relationship? Do you have the strength to deal with a loss in your family? Are you strong enough to survive bad times?
I am not talking about your physical strength. I am talking about your emotional strength. In order to survive all the little obstacles that wait for you along the way, you have to develop a certain emotional strength. If you don’t do that, you will eventually drown.

15. Reliability

Are you a reliable husband? Are you a reliable father? Are you a reliable colleague? Are you reliable when somebody in your family needs you? Reliability is important in every aspect of life and if other people don’t think that you are reliable, they won’t be willing to spend a lot of time with you.

You can’t rely on somebody who isn’t reliable. Sounds logical, right? As a result of that, people won’t entrust you their secrets and they won’t be completely honest with you. If you want to have honest and authentic relationships with women, your family members and your coworkers you should be a reliable person.

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