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15 Most Useful Productivity Tips for Windows Users

Our pursuit of increased productivity is endless. Right when you think that you are at your peak productivity level, new ideas or technologies pop out of nowhere and force you to reconsider your process.

Listen, no matter how good things are, there are always things that can be tweaked to perform better. Take the PC for example. Out of the box, a Windows PC can be very unproductive since most of the applications that come pre-installed aren’t very functional. In this post, I’ll show typical Windows users how they can double or even triple their productivity.

    1. Reduce the Number of Auto-starting Programs
      As your PC ages, it tends to get filled with a lot of auto-starting programs. These programs may be things you do indeed use a lot, but do they need to be started every time you boot your PC? You can remove unnecessary programs and services from starting-up automatically by downloading an app such as RevoUninstaller. RevoUnintaller is great for doing this because it tells you if the application is critical to the system and if it’s safe to disable.



To disable this behavior, right-click on ‘My Computer’, go to the ‘Automatic Updates’ tab, and select the 2nd option: ‘Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them’. Click ‘OK’ and you’re done.



























I can assure you that if you follow all of these tips that you’ll become more productive by a few hundred percentage points; at least I did. Improving your productivity isn’t about reading articles; it’s about reading articles and taking action soon afterwards. Go, take action!

Written on 11/19/2008 by Ruchir Chawdhry. You can catch him at TechVivo where he’ll help you get more from technology, your gadgets, and the internet.


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