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13 Yoga Trends To Immerse Yourself In On Your Journey To Health & Happiness

Do you want find out about new ways to improve your current yoga regimen or welcome increased spirituality into your realm? Here are 13 yoga trends for the year of 2015 that you may have not experienced yet.

1. Hot Barre Yoga

Grab a good pair of [hot yoga pants (] to participate in this classical dance-like exercise! This type combines ballet, Pilates, and weight training into one exercise while the room temperature averages 95 degrees.

2. Live Music Yoga

Studios are adding live DJs or performance music into their schedule to enhance the yoga experience throughout the week.

3. Meditation Apps


The convenience of using guided meditation apps has been popular in encouraging everyone to live more mindfully in their lives. This maintains the reality that mental health is very important and beneficial for cultivating peace in our busy lives.

4. Tantra

Tantra allows you continue to open yourself to a spiritual connection by transmitting your sexual potency. The practice may be linked with everlasting and fulfilling sexual prowess, but it’s much more than that. You can use this sexual energy to remove any obstructions in your mind and body making it possible for you to conquer sickness. These days, this yoga form is becoming more popular with teachers encouraging its benefits to a more considerable audience.

5. AcroYoga

This exercise is more about promoting trust between others, whether they’re strangers or friends. AcroYoga allows one to let go and to be fully dependable on someone else to support their being. The acrobatic-like practice uses regular [yoga poses (] enhanced by gravity and one’s body weight. All body forms are welcome to play the trusting role of “flyer” or “base.”

6. Yoga Pole Dancing

More women are now welcoming the idea of using pole dancing as an avenue of a wellbeing workout. The pole is used as an instrument to hold steady headstands, handstands and forearms stands. It is also used as support for more intermediate poses that one may not have been able to try without any props. So it allows more confidence and the results are felt the very next day.

7. Corporate/Office Yoga

Businesses are finding out that practicing yoga and meditation at work can encourage productivity. So wellness programs are now being offered at the workplace. Even if such a program isn’t available at your place of work, quick [exercises at your desk (] can be done if you want a natural boost of confidence and energy.

8. Kids Yoga

Multiple benefits abound when children practice yoga. It advocates self-discipline in their education and will continue when they become adults. More studios are now offering more sessions with children. But if there are no such programs available in your area, there are poses that you can practice with them.

9. Restorative Yoga

This yoga allows you to stay in restful poses much longer than usual with help from props. The longer period of time entirely restores the mental and physical capabilities in your nervous system. Many endurance athletes use this to recover from injuries.

10. Underwater Yoga Diving

Hot travel spots that attach scuba diving as a featured excursion, such Bali or the Great Barrier Reef. The emphasis of the weightlessness you feel when scuba diving produces many healing effects.

11. Ayahuasca Ceremonies

You no longer have to travel far to Peru to see a shaman and participate in this ceremony. There are known engagements of [underground Ayahuasca ( ceremonies in large US cities. You can find a better understanding of yourself and connect to a higher level under the guidance of a Shaman after drinking an enlightening tea. These meetings are secretive in the US since they’re not legally recognized. But they are authorized in the indigenous Amazon.

12. Temazcal Sweat Lodge

You may need to do a little research to find a traditional Mayan sweat lodge in your area. But this option of enlightenment is for the more adventurous souls. The purification ritual is led by a Shaman where you are seated with other people in a dark hut. Hot stones are placed in a fire pit with Copal smudge to release any dark depravities within yourself.

13. Reiki

This practice was developed in the early 1900s by Japanese Buddhists to help [energy healing (]. The reiki specialist is a conduit for clearing out negative energies from the body. More practitioners are receiving extensive training in the healing art. Acupuncturists are also recognizing the power of reiki and using it in their therapy sessions with their patients. Healers have organized reiki circles in order to strengthen healings in a communal setting.

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