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10 Types of Annoying Characters in the Gym

1. The Stare Machine

– Checking out once in a while in an inconspicuous way for inspiration or admiration is alright. But it’s rude to stare. Don’t be a creep!

2. The Skunk

– Okay, so 99% of the people hit showers after their workout. But don’t be a skunk and spread your body odor that sucks life out of everyone else in the gym. Be kind, use a deodorant!

3. The Sweat-er

– No me no one wants to see the sweat dripping from your face and running into you-know-where. Use a towel. Also, wipe the machines after you use them. Let’s not mix our juices with each other.

4. The Territorial

– Don’t be territorial pal. Gym is a public place and don’t forget your etiquettes. Don’t leave your towel on a machine marking your territory and then disappear for 15 minutes.

5. The Greedy

– If you have lined up more than 2 sizes of dumbbells, weights etc. in front of you from the weight rack that just shows how greedy and inconsiderate you are!

6. The Over-Punctual

– If you arrive at 5 am to take a spot in the class starting at noon, you need a life .

7. The Grunter

– This is mostly for the guys because I haven’t seen any girls grunting (lol ..that would be funny). Okay we get it that you can lift! But either you tone down your weights or you mute that loud grunt. Be a gentleman!

8. The Talker

– Please don’t just chatter away your time in the gym either on phone or with a friend. It’s just distracting and annoying. It’s a gym for pete’s sake, not a lounge!

9. The Self-Admirer

– The mirrors are there to help you workout and not to admire your booty or your biceps for 10 minutes after each set.

10. The Exposer

– Guys with nut-showing shorts or girls with deep cleavages … just don’t, please don’t!

What are your gym pet-peeves? Did I miss anyone out?

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