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10 Steps To Rejuvenate Your Messy Home-Office

Written on 6/27/2008 by Abhijeet Mukherjee, of Jeet Blog.

If you work from home, your home office is the place where you spend majority of your time during the day. If this space is a complete mess with all kinds of stuff piled up on your desk, you know that it’s doing nothing more than hurting your productivity.

Do you enjoy hunting for things under piles of paper? Aren’t you tired of torturing yourself when you can’t find that tiny but very important thumb drive because it’s buried? Most of us go crazy when we can’t find things and such craziness could be an everyday routine for a person working from a messy and cluttered home office.

I know you’ve been thinking about cleaning it up but have been constantly overpowered by fear, laziness and of course, procrastination. So it’s time to pull up your socks and get set to rejuvenate your messy home office.

    1. Identify your needs
      The first step should be to identify what are the most essential materials for your work. For example, a USB thumb drive or a microphone could be more important to you than that bulky printer sitting on your desk. So take a pen and paper and make a note of just the “very essential” things. Those are the things that will get placement on your desk (i.e. in plain view). 

Hope the above tips help you in improving your personal workspace. Do you have any more suggestions ? Do share them in comments.



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