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10 Signs That The Matrix Has You

The other day I was watching The Matrix for what was probably the 30th time; it is easily one of my favorites. In fact, I’d say that The Matrix is one of my top 5 personal development resources. Really. Upon detailed examination, the movie provides us with countless personal development lessons and metaphors for life.

I’m not going to tell you what the matrix is because nobody can really do that. It’s something you have to experience for yourself. But I can hopefully make you somewhat aware of the fact that the matrix has you because awareness is the first step towards breaking free.

    1. You’ll believe it when you see it.
      If you operate from the idea that you’ll believe it when you see it, then you’re a long way from unplugging. A core lesson of this movie is that you’ll see exactly what you believe. In fact, if you only did one thing to advance your development, choosing empowering beliefs would be the most valuable thing you could do.
    2. Your purchases are status symbols.

The matrix is nothing more than a system of beliefs, social constructs, and programs designed to hold you back from reaching your full potential. Hopefully the advice above will help you begin to unplug. Free your mind, be peaceful, be patient, and the rest will follow.

Written on 10/15/2009 by Srinivas Rao. Srinivas is a volunteer for the Quality of Life Project. The website shares best practices on getting the most out of life from well known types like Richard Branson and Tom Skerritt to lesser known but equally interesting individuals. The mission of the organization is to help people live more enjoyable, purposeful and contented lives. Srinivas also writes at Photo Credit: Now I’m Always Smiling
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