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9 simple steps to becoming an assassin

There you are, sitting at your computer, cranking out a great report or blog post. Then suddenly it hits you, the dreaded distraction. Now you can’t seem to concentrate. That YouTube video of fighting ninja cats becomes more important than finishing your work. You fight to stay on course, but the struggle is just too much. Unfocused and scattered thoughts are perhaps the most annoying type of distraction. They pop into your mind without warning. Leaving low production in their wake. Sometimes these thoughts can constantly invade your mind. That’s when you have to become an assassin, a distraction assassin that is. You don’t have to be Jason Bourne or Le Femme Nikka to accomplish this. No guns or fancy hand-to-hand combat required. All you […]

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How to get rid of stress and anxiety in 10 minutes?

I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of people, who have two daily companions – stress and anxiety. They wake up together, go to studies or work together, make decisions together and even try to relax and have fun together. Seriously, these bad emotions are taking our energy, health and happiness away. In this crazy world we are living now, we have find a way to get rid of these emotions. And great news, there is a way to do that! You probably heard about yoga, meditation, breathing exercises for stress reduction and life quality improvement. I have to say, those techniques are really beneficial, but it is not so easy to implement them into your daily life. Especially if you are […]

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5 Secrets For Becoming More Productive

Our lives are filled with stress. Spending long hours at work, in traffic, never having enough time to eat properly and then coming home exhausted to drop on the couch and turn on the television. This is the daily routine for a large percentage of the people on this planet. It sometimes feels as if there is not enough time to do anything. People want to accomplish many things, but the general perception is that there is a lack of time. It is as if the 24 hours in a day weren’t sufficient, but 30 or even 40 hours in a day would be more appropriate. Despite living in an era, which is more prosperous than any in history, people seem to keep on getting […]

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4 Steps To Overcoming Your A.M Overwhelm

This morning, I felt on edge. It ‘s just two days before I make the biggest move of my life and I’ve got so much to do. I’m facilitating my first online class for over thirty extraordinary individuals on overcoming imperfections and there’s also a book launch that I’m helping a friend with that will be released early next week. Oh, and there’s also the packing thing. I’ve researched all of the things that Colombia doesn’t have so that I wouldn’t be left without coconut oil, peanut butter and Sriracha sauce. It’s all about priorities, right? Can you see why I was feeling a bit uncomfortable this morning? In 48 hours, I will be packing all of my belongings — a suitcase and a backpack […]

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3 Rarely Used Tricks for Feeling Happier In A Heartbeat

Everybody has this moment every now and then. We feel like everything is just fine, going in the right direction, and we should feel happy. But there’s something missing… I experience this on a daily basis. And although for the last three years of my life I’ve been living the way most people could only imagine, I’ve felt this lacking almost every day. Sometimes you just want to feel the emotion of happiness more deeply. You want to embrace it completely and have that sense of fulfilment. You want to feel happy NOW. But along the way, you’ve been told that happiness is not something you can achieve instantly. That it’s not something you can just wish to happen and it will. That it takes […]

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6 Tips for Getting Things Done

People have always commented at my ability to get things done. At school, university, work or on the various courses I’ve taken over the years, I’m generally met with the same question: ‘How do you find the time?’ In my mind, I don’t do anything special; like many others, I procrastinate when I don’t want to do something, and I often do the minimum amount of work required, but even that seems to be miraculous to some people. So, I’ve had a dig around in my mind and come up with some ideas to help you if you struggle to fit all your jobs into your day. 1. Make a list of your most important tasks for the day and make it visible Each day […]

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Two Renegade Hacks to Help You Land That Dream Job

What’s your dream job? C’mon, don’t be shy. Writer? Designer? Lion tamer? Everyone’s got one: the job title they drool into their lap over. But with so much competition for so few positions, what chance do you have of turning that dream into a reality? The key to winning the hearts and minds of any prospective employer is to stand out from the crowd (in a good way). What follows in this article are two renegade hacks to help you do this without having to hire a barber shop quartet to recite your C.V.’s greatest hits. The first thing to do is find your target – the person who’s doing the hiring for the job you’re after. Scour the big online job boards and put […]

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How To Survive The Long Distant Relationship

People have started accepting longer distance relationships proactively these days. However it is not easy to maintain as it may look. One needs to be head-strong before picking it up. The only problem with this relationship is that they demand too much and in fact quite more than what any normal relationship calls for. But to keep both the partners happy, here are some small little things which can be done to spice it up and keep the partners working for a longer term. Instant Messaging Right from WhatsApp to Viber, SnapChat, FB, Twitter, we now have so many instant messaging platforms. There are so many ways to stay connected. These apps can be helpful for not letting the boredom to fill in the space […]

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5 Ways Athletes (and anyone else) Can Connect Their Mental and Physical Self

Everything we do, sports included, is 90% mental. In fact, saying that sports is 90% mental might be one of the most overused clichés. The truth is, anything we do is both 100% mental and 100% physical. Think about it. Our thoughts influence our actions, and our actions influence our thoughts. What is more important? Thinking about this further will lead us to the “chicken or the egg” debate. But what is really important is that most athletes spend training only the physical aspect – the moves, the routines, their endurance. Rarely do we hear about anyone working on their mental preparation. Many brilliant people have tried to express the essence of how mind and body work together. Seneca noted that “It is part of the […]

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The Best Way to End The Day: 5 Things to Do Before You Go to Sleep

You know that moment between going to bed and falling asleep, right? Some watch movies, read a book, force their eyes to close, plan and worry about tomorrow, or think about the things they had to do today but didn’t manage to. I say eliminate all this and make the best of the end of the day. It’s a period of time that’s important for your personal development whether you realize it or not. It’s as important as the morning routine. A day that’s started well should also end well. And the way to do it is pretty simple and the benefits are amazing. Here are 5 things to do before you go to sleep in the evening that will make your day meaningful and […]

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