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5 Ways Athletes (and anyone else) Can Connect Their Mental and Physical Self

Everything we do, sports included, is 90% mental. In fact, saying that sports is 90% mental might be one of the most overused clichés. The truth is, anything we do is both 100% mental and 100% physical. Think about it. Our thoughts influence our actions, and our actions influence our thoughts. What is more important? Thinking about this further will lead us to the “chicken or the egg” debate. But what is really important is that most athletes spend training only the physical aspect – the moves, the routines, their endurance. Rarely do we hear about anyone working on their mental preparation. Many brilliant people have tried to express the essence of how mind and body work together. Seneca noted that “It is part of the […]

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The Best Way to End The Day: 5 Things to Do Before You Go to Sleep

You know that moment between going to bed and falling asleep, right? Some watch movies, read a book, force their eyes to close, plan and worry about tomorrow, or think about the things they had to do today but didn’t manage to. I say eliminate all this and make the best of the end of the day. It’s a period of time that’s important for your personal development whether you realize it or not. It’s as important as the morning routine. A day that’s started well should also end well. And the way to do it is pretty simple and the benefits are amazing. Here are 5 things to do before you go to sleep in the evening that will make your day meaningful and […]

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The Wisdom of Procrastination

  We are all familiar with the concept of procrastination. Not being able to take actions, struggling to complete a straightforward task, stuck midway through finishing a report, etc are all different examples of this little devil. And because you are reading this article, I am sure you are smart enough to understand that this situation needs dealing asap. WHAT IS PROCRASTINATION? In simple terms, procrastination is “failing to act”. You know you would like to complete whatever task you have at hand, but you fail to do so. So the book lies unfinished, your project planning is stuck, your next product awaits to be invented, etc. The list could be endless. But the result is always the same. You can’t seem to get moving […]

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5 Reasons to Use Pinterest to Create A Vision Board

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Joel A. Barker As we reflect on the past year and welcome the new, many of us may start to think about what we would like our new year to look like. And what better way to capture what it is we want then to ‘pin’ it on a vision board. A vision board is a collection of images and photos of what you want in your life. The concept behind it is when you have an image of what it is you want in front of you, you will be reminded and inspired to take action in achieving your goals. It helps focus […]

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12 Changes We Can Make to Have Everyday Simplicity

One of the main reasons we suffer so much is complexity. Our constant effort to make everything complex, although it’s quite simple, is what makes us want to give up, to just escape and leave everything behind. Simplicity is what we need more of. The funny thing is that things are so simple in their natural form. But we insist on making them hard, then we can’t handle them and it’s just too much for us. What we need to do is simplify. And if we make that a daily habit, we’ll have a happier and more peaceful life, full of joy and mindfulness. Here are some simple changes to make in order to live more simply and thus stop suffering and living with effort: […]

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Top 9 Lifehack Blogs to Motivate and Inspire You in 2015

2014 comes to its end, and we all try to make some conclusions and plans on what we’ve done right or wrong and what we should do to make 2015 the best and most profitable year ever. As we all know, if you want to change your life – start with changing yourself. How often do we need motivation or inspiration to do anything, to take our chance, to be brave enough, to make a right choice, etc.? How often do we need advice or life hacks on doing anything? Fortunately, there are many online resources that are able to help us solve this problem. Which ones are the best blogs and websites to subscribe and read? Which ones will provide a high-quality information that […]

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Top 10 Reasons It Might Be Time to Quit

Being a Life Coach it was difficult to support and condone quitting. It felt like it must go against some sort of coach’s ethics or something. Coaching is about encouraging the commitment towards the final goal. It’s about giving your clients or your team the passion and inspiration to keep going and to never give up. We are always told that to quit is like admitting you failed at something. But then I realized the upside to being a quitter and now I’m proud to now call myself a quitter. This past year I have quit two major aspects in my life. First, I quit smoking. Second, I quit my day job to pursue my passion. Obviously the first one was a much easier decision […]

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6 Signs to Know That He Wants to Marry You

Understanding women is difficult, at least in terms of relationships or when any man needs to know if the girl is in love or not. But at the same time, it is also quite troublesome to know if the man too loves or rather wants to marry any girl. Undoubtedly at least for men, it is very easy to claim that he loves you. But when it is about commitments like marriage, only true and real men come forward. In case you too have that someone special in your life and you are keen to know if he is interested in having a life term relationship with you, by marriage, here are some signs that will help you getting this idea. Introducing his family- Taking […]

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Top 11 Instagram Users You Should Follow If You Like Photography And Nature

Hi there nature lovers! If you love photography, animals, beautiful landscapes and Instagram…this is your post! As you know, there are a lot of cool photos in Instagram (not only food and selfies), the problem is…how can we find them? Where are those users uploading that amazing photos I’d love to see? Well, in order to make this task easier I’ve done this short and ready-to-instafollow list with some accounts that I love. They upload awesome photos of landscapes, animals & nature in general: Nikontop, the official nikon brand. I’m in love with this account. They upload a lot of nice pics, plus other people’s pictures too, which will let you find even more awesome users to follow! Nature, an awesome recopilation of […]

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The Only Habit You Need to Accomplish All Your Goals for 2015

We all know the disappointment of unachieved goals. With each new year, we set a number of goals to make this year the best, only to forget what goals we’ve set come December. For many of us, the story of passionate goal-setting followed by disappointing results is one we’re all too familiar with. But what if this cycle could end? It’s now December—a time to reflect on how far we’ve come this year, and also pause to plot the path forward. As soon as December hit this year, I began charting my goals and what I wanted to achieve for 2015. But soon, the frustration and hopelessness of not reaching my other past goals overwhelmed me like a wave. I wanted to end the cycle […]

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