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Should You Cook With Expensive Wine or Cheap Wine?

We all know that wine tastes great — well, most of it does. But what is it within the wine that enables us to enjoy it? Just like the food we eat, wine comes in a vast array of flavors and styles. What makes each wine unique is the combination of sugars, acid, aroma compounds, tannin, and alcohol. These components, in differing combinations, give each wine its unique character. From a culinary standpoint, these wine attributes can also enhance a dish. For example, with white meats or fish, you’d want to try a dry unoaked white wine. And for a heavier dish that contains beef and vegetables, you could venture to a red or heavier oaked white. From a budgeting standpoint, wine is both accessible […]

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Little Known Ways of Being Productive

I still remember one of the first days after starting at University. Sitting at the back row of the auditorium, shooting the shit with the others, hot girls with short skirts, no worries what so ever. It was all good and terrific for a young man growing up in a village of 200 inhabitants. Coming straight from high school and somewhat still being breastfed from home we thought going to an University was like a morning breeze and was all about socializing. Little did we know. The first assignment we got that day from the professor was to make an presentation that was to be held that same day. Seems minor now and probably to you too, but for three young guys where I at […]

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35 Reasons Why You’re Succeeding At Life (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

In order to measure how successful we have been so far in life, we need to look at the little things instead of focusing on the big things such as being millionaires or having a fancy car. Feel like you haven’t succeeded at all? Here are 35 reasons that you are actually succeeding, even if you don’t feel like it: 1. Your relationships are not as dramatic or complicated as they used to be. Your relationships have become far easier for you as compared to previously. There are no unnecessary fights or arguments. 2. You confidentially ask for help and support when needed. You know how important it is to ask for support and help because one person alone cannot achieve everything. Therefore, you ask […]

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Why We Refuse To Grow Up – And What To Do About It

When we are little we hope to grow up as soon as possible. Mostly because we think we would be able to buy all the ice-cream and stuffed animals we want, and we can stay up and watch TV all night. But as soon as we actually start to grow up things change. Do you remember when you noticed your first pubic hair? The first time you liked somebody? For most of us it was embarrassing. We’d hide it until we were sure that the majority around us deals with the same issues. And then we start feeling comfortable until the next change emerges. Growing up. It means you are growing. Not just in heights, but also your mind, your character, your inner self. Whenever […]

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12 Lies You Keep Telling Yourself And Must Stop Now

Do you know your lies can become your truth? Yes, they can, if you repeat them long enough and believe them hard enough. When you allow your dreams to die, your life becomes meaningless, unfulfilling and sad. You are robbed of your joy, your happiness, your gifts and your purpose for being here. Many people live and die and never fulfilled their purpose because they believe the lies others told them. There are so many people with untapped potential and ingenious ideas who will never realize they do because they were lied to and have accepted those lies as the truth. That’s what happens when you have been told over and over again that you couldn’t accomplish your goals and aspirations. Once you believe those […]

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5 Creative Contemporary Beer Pairings

While I won’t be covering nearly every possible beer combination, hopefully these pairings will spark an ingenious idea for your next gathering. If you want to make yourself some hor d’oeuvres while in your PJs that’s totally okay too. Don’t know which beers to choose? Choosing a great beer can be intimidating even for a more experienced beer drinker. If you are new to the beer world or just want to break out from your usual comfort zone – don’t’ fret! There are some wonderful beer of the month clubs available to help narrow down your search by sending you pre-chosen brews each month. Please feel free to comment and let us know about your favorite pairings! IPAs- Hops is the name of the game […]

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Zen in The Art of Productivity

Zen aims to simplify the mind. To exclude any concepts. Beginner’s mind has too many options. Master’s mind just knows.“ In Japan, archery is not only a sport where hitting the targets is the main purpose. Archery is also meant to train the mind. If one really wants to master the art of archery, technical knowledge is not enough. Only those who approached the state of clearness and emptiness of mind would overcome themselves and then the arrow would hit the target spontaneously. Archery is just one of the popular and traditional activities, where Zen can be practiced. Swordsmanship, brush-and-ink, the tea ceremony or flower arranging may be some others. But Zen can be practiced also in any modern-day activity. Basically it’s easy. In order […]

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4 Tips for Finding a Great Pre-Owned Diamond

There is a common misconception surrounding pre-owned diamonds. Some people think of them like used cars, as if use and age greatly affect their value. But a diamond doesn’t have an odometer, and although there can be a price difference between new and pre-owned diamonds, the quality and value of a diamond do not diminish over time. Let me put it this way: A diamond isn’t going to break down after 200,000 miles, so you don’t have to worry about the fact that it was previously owned. Diamonds Are Forever In a way, there’s no such thing as a pre-owned diamond. Diamonds are billions of years old, and no one in the world can tell whether a diamond has been freshly mined or whether it […]

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5 Life Lessons From Running Your First Marathon

Running a marathon is for people who are either crazy, or ridiculously fit….right? Well, so I thought, until I decided to run one. Was it because I was always interested in sporty and fit? Nope. Take that reason, turn it on its head, and that’s where I came in. As a kid, I wasn’t interested in sports. I always got picked last, and I just knew that was my place…I’m sure you know exactly which kid I’m talking about. Hey, maybe you were that kid, too. I grew up with a firm belief that I couldn’t run, at all. It was a genuine belief, except that it was founded on nothing except a lack of trying. One day, though, something inside my head changed. Call […]

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14 Problems Freelancers Usually Face

Freelance has its pros and cons. You are your own manager and boss, but there are quite a few problems as well. These problems are not all very different comparing to the problems of office workers. If you plan on becoming a freelancer, you should definitely keep reading. 1. Demands of the customers are constantly changing Clients can be different, as well as their requirements. Services you provide for your client today can be not suitable for another client tomorrow. The requirements will probably grow with every client. This means that when you are a freelancer, you should constantly develop your skills. 2. Different time zones Freelancers can work with clients from different parts of the world as long as they can speak one language. […]

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