The One Tool You Need To Survive The Information Age

Creating content is such a herculean task.

Not exactly for every entrepreneur, but definitely for some. The thought of sitting at your computer to put word after word down onto a blank page is sometimes nerve-racking. You know you need to do this, but the question is “how?” and probably, “why?”

You’re probably an entrepreneur with the desire to have online clients running after you.

But for some reason, things are just not going as planned. You’ve gone for all the networking events, both offline and online. You’re also active on social networks. In fact, you’re so active that your Facebook profile drives more traffic than Google. But all you’re getting is engagement, not clients. And this is not what you want.

Your business can only move forward and survive in this information age when you have clients and make profit. This can only happen when you do one thing.

Create Content in the Right Places

Yes, epic content can be hard to create, but the thing is every business needs it. And yours is not an exception. But you need to create the right kind of content in places that gives you the kind of results you want. So, here are a few different ways to create content and how to get results from each.  

1. Create Guest Blog Content That Drives Traffic

It’s no longer news that guest blogging is one of the most effective ways for traffic generation and audience building. This means that your business should also be using this proven strategy to generate traffic. But as you know, guest blogging requires content creation. So how do you create content to build an effective guest blogging campaign?

The first rule of guest blogging is to know where your audience is. If you’re a consultant who helps entrepreneurs get more clients, then you should be creating content for blogs where these entrepreneurs are. There are lots of entrepreneurship blogs and this gives you a wide range of where to guest post.

Not only that, but you’ll also need to guest post on blogs that can give you the kind of traffic you need. Most authority blogs can do this. It’s sometimes scary taking the leap to create quality content for an authority blog, but once you do, you’ll definitely start to feel smarter.  

2. Create Blog Content That Engages Your Audience

If you decide to drive traffic to your blog posts, then you must have published posts capable of engaging that traffic. The key to traffic generation is to keep them engaged when they land on your blog, but this depends on where you take them to. So how do you create blog content that engages your audience?

The rule is to keep it simple and interesting. Most of all, it should take your readers one step forward toward solving their problems. Engaging content doesn’t include technical jargon in the name of trying to appear professional and smarter than you really are. Instead, use stories to keep them interested and lead them to resources that’ll help them.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to stick to just one type of content on your blog. Therefore, create different types of content so that your audience is entertained in a unique way every time.  

3. Create Website Content That Shows Your Expertise

Where do people go to if they want to know more about you? They’ll definitely not go to your products page, that’s for sure. If your blog has a website or has other pages, two pages you must never neglect are your “About page” and “Services page”. So, how do you optimize these pages to show your expertise?

Most people think that an about page should talk about you, the blog author? That’s a wrong notion. Instead, it must focus on how your blog can help your reader. Before this point, you must have known who your ideal audience is. This way, on your about page, you’ll be able to focus on their specific problem and how your blog helps them get rid of the problem which they don’t want.

You can talk about yourself briefly, but don’t start to include all your certifications or degrees. Keep that for your services page.

Your services page should prove your credibility. Here, while you focus on your reader who is now a prospective client, you write the different services you offer, in a way that appeals to their emotions. You’ll also want to include testimonials as this would help them feel safer. Feel free to include all the related certifications and awards you have as this would show your reader that you know what you’re doing.  

4. Create Email Content That Brings In Clients

What happens when you don’t have a blog or you just want to know more about your readers intimately? You create a page that attracts all that traffic into an email list. And the purpose of every email list is to sell! But how do you effectively convert traffic into email subscribers that are ready to buy from you?

Before anyone would willingly give you their email address, you must offer them something in return. This can be through a lead magnet. A lead magnet is just a free resource that’s accessible to readers once they subscribe to your list. It should be something that directly resonates with them and what they want to achieve. Once they successfully become subscribers, what then happens?

Your email content must do two things- give them value and sell to them. Every email must make them solve one part of their problems while at the same time, should place you as the “deliverer” who can help them solve their problems. The rate at which your subscribers become clients will determine how effective your emails are. This means that creating email content does require some level of skill.

Before even taking the leap to create content for any part of your business, ensure you get your audience right. Know what they want, where they are and what you can offer that would make them come to you.

Creating wrong content, in the wrong places and for the wrong set of people will definitely lead to one thing- heartbreak. And that is one thing you must avoid. So ensure you create content in the different ways above and you’ll definitely get the results you need. And if perhaps, you still find it hard creating content for your business, get a professional who can. It’ll save you a whole lot of headache.

Written on 12/3/2013 by Lanre Solarin. Lanre Solarin is a freelance blogger who helps entrepreneurs and bloggers create compelling content for their audience. If you find it hard creating content in the right places, let him help you build an effective content creation strategy that brings results.

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