Are You Eating The Best Superfoods for Boosting Your Energy and Keeping Your Mood Healthy?

Forget pills and tablets to increase your energy and make you feel better (inside and out). Superfoods aren’t new, but they’re being re-discovered and they’re 100 percent natural.

They’re being lauded for everything from helping with diabetes to lowering bad cholesterol. Even better, they don’t just fight off diseases; they make you feel better on a day-to-day basis, too.

Allergies aside, there aren’t any nasty side effects and many of these superfoods are easy to find and affordable.

It doesn’t matter how healthy you are; the vast majority of us can improve some aspect of our health by including some superfoods in the diet.

Overall, a healthy diet is what matters most, and superfoods are natural, rich in vitamins and minerals, and unprocessed.

In other words, there won’t be any over-packaged “mystery foods” in a superfoods-focused diet. But which ones are best for energy and mood?

Who says you need to sacrifice taste?

One family of foods is “berry” good for you, especially blueberries and acai (an Amazonian fruit that’s usually found in natural powder form in the US). All berries are super-rich in antioxidants, but these two top the list.

They also pack a heavy vitamin punch, and are known for fighting off cancer, serving as a natural anti-inflammatory, and helping out when it comes to heart disease. Inflammation can exacerbate all kinds of chronic diseases, so adding a handful of these tasty treats into your daily diet is a smart move.

If you think something smells fishy about all this, you’re absolutely right: fish are full of Omega-3 fatty acids which has been linked to helping with everything from arthritis to Alzheimers. However, not all fish are created equal, so watch for salmon, mackerel, and herring.

If fish just doesn’t do it for you, eggs, walnuts, and flax seeds also have a good amount of Omega-3s. Consider picking up some hearty flax seed chips instead of less healthy crunchy snacks and aim for a serving of fish three times per week.

How about something a little less meaty?

For the vegetarians out there, stick with your soy because it’s a great tool for lowering cholesterol. Try a low-cal, low-carb, and delicious chili with seared tofu instead of meat, and black soybeans instead of less healthy bean options. You can make this dish as spicy as you’d like, and with diced tomatoes as the base, you’ve got yourself a killer recipe. Top with feta cheese to keep the calories in check.

Another thing to pack in is high fiber, and that can be found in a variety of foods from whole grains to veggies and fruits. Fiber keeps your body functioning like a clock, and it can give a great boost to your mood.

The notion that frozen veggies and fruits aren’t as good is an old wive’s tale, so feel free to shop in the chilled section. In fact, a morning smoothie made simply with a bag of frozen mixed berries and a splash of water is a sweet treat that’s high in antioxidants.


Maybe you have the food stuff down, but don’t forget about your liquid diet. Green tea is a fantastic cancer fighter, and it’s a great swap for your usual morning cup of coffee.

Otherwise, stick to plain water (a squeeze of fresh lemon can shake things up) instead of sodas, juices (have the whole fruit or veggie instead), and aspartame-rich drinks. Learn to love your water, because it’s the caffeine, sugars, fake sugars, and everything else that can suck the energy from you.

Finally, if you have a sweet tooth, keep portion-controlled pieces of dark chocolate nearby. Anything about 60 percent cacao is good, but aim for as dark as possible. Super-dark chocolate is anti-oxidant rich, and as everyone knows it can boost your mood — with low sugar to boot.

You are on the path to finding the right superfoods to boost your energy and mood.  Now combine it with these 13 Reasons Why You Need To Start Doing Bodyweight Exercises Immediately and you are on the road to healthy living.

Written on 10/7/2013 by Anna Johansson.

Photo Credit: Market Manager


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