Clutter is Bad For Your Physical and Mental Health. This Portable Wand Scanner Can Help Get You Organized.

Does clutter have you ready to pull your hair out?

Are all those receipts and stacks of papers lying around your home or office making it difficult to concentrate?

If so, the S8X1103 Pandigital Wand Scanner could be just what the doctor ordered, and we’ll be taking a closer look at everything this little clutter killer has to offer.

Before we get into why the Pandigital Wand Scanner can help make your life easier, let’s first discuss why clutter is so bad for you.

Many doctors feel that clutter is not only bad for your physical health, but your mental health as well.  First the physical.  The more items you have, even things as simple as stacks of paper, the more dust will collect.  How can dust affect you?  Well, if you suffer from allergies or asthma, then you know the answer. 

What about your mental health?  Clutter can affect it negatively by simply overwhelming your brain.  Just think of the last time you looked at a stack of papers on your desk.  You can see the stack, but it’s almost as if your brain does not process what you are looking at.  As if it gets overloaded with too much information at once.  If you’re a particularly busy person or live in a home with a lot of kids, this type of clutter just adds to the stress.

So, with all of that out of the way, how can the Pandigital Wand Scanner help cut down on clutter?  It’s simple.  By allowing you to scan almost anything you can think of so you can get rid of their “physical” form, or at least get it out of the way!  Here are some examples of things taking up space around your house or office that can be scanned with the S8X1103: family photos, receipts, important documents, recipes, notes, news clippings, old ticket stubs, and the list goes on, as long as it’s 8 ½ x 14 or under.  All of these items and more can be scanned directly to a computer for added storage, to a microSD card, or to other devices via Wi-Fi (this will be touched on later too).

Besides its functionality, perhaps the best feature of the Pandigital Wand Scanner is its easy setup.  Let’s be real here.  Not everyone is a technical genius, and not everyone wants to go through a ton of mumbo jumbo just to get a device working.  Luckily, that is definitely not the case here.  To get started, all you have to do is insert the rechargeable battery and charge it either via a USB to computer connection or by placing the scanner in its dock and connecting the power.  Once it’s all charged, you are good to go.

Navigating the menus via the S8X1103’s interface is not too complicated, and after a few rounds of usage, you’ll be able to edit options with ease on the fly.  You can scan objects to either a JPG or PDF format, but there are other more advanced scanning options at your disposal as well.  For example, you can choose between color or black and white, and you can also adjust the resolution to your liking.

Now that you know the physical and mental health benefits that scanning your documents can help provide lets take a deeper look at some of the functionality of this handy and helpful device. 

As for the actual scanning, a big plus of the S8X1103 is the fact that you not only have the option to view scans via the scanner’s 1.8 inch color LCD, but you can also view them on other devices such as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone thanks to integrated Wi-Fi.  This comes in handy if you want to view scans on a larger screen, although you will obviously get a much quicker look at what you’ve scanned by using the S8X1103’s small LCD screen.  Whether it’s receipts, documents, photos, or other items, all seem to transfer from the real thing to scan with solid clarity, so you won’t have to worry about having indecipherable content after the fact.

There are two options when it comes to scanning.  The first is with the docking station and the manual feed scanner.  This setup works best for when you are stationary.  The second option is to use the portable wand scanner that can be taken with you on the go.  Both methods are equally efficient, and thanks to the overall size of the scanner (even with docking station included), you won’t have any trouble packing the S8X1103 for a road trip.

What about price? At a price that floats around or even under $100, the Pandigital S8X1103 Wand Scanner is quite competitive.  The fact that it functions as a wand and also has a manual feed scanner is a plus, and when you throw in Wi-Fi, you really do get plenty of bang for your buck.  Keep in mind that if you shop around, you can probably find it for even less, so be sure to make Google your friend before you fork over your cash.

Now that you know about the S8X1103’s various features and its price, what’s the final verdict?  Simply put, if you feel overwhelmed by clutter and want to truly organize your life, dishing out somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 seems like a very small price to pay. 

Are there other wand scanners out there on the market?  Of course there are.  Are they priced similarly?  Yes.  However, it all points back to the “3-in-1” features of the manual feed scanning, wand scanning, plus Wi-Fi that helps differentiate the S8X1103 from others.  If you simply want a wand to do your scanning, fine, you can get one.  But Pandigital’s way of combining these three powerful features into one compact shell makes the S8X1103 worthy of a solid look.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a frequent traveler, or just someone who likes a tidy household, picking up the S8X1103 Wand Scanner can absolutely simplify your life and help clear your brain.  What does this give you?  The power to become a more productive person.  And in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, who couldn’t use less stress and more productivity?

Written on 9/9/2013 by Enrique Stone.


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