How To Live Well And Not Die Young!

“Life is hard and then you die!”

The person who made the statement was definitely not in a sunny mood! But, that’s no reason to look at life with the sunglasses of gloom.

Your life often is what you make of it.

Live well, make healthy choices and your life could be fun (well mostly, you’ll still have to bear the brunt of those PMS induced mood swings, and deal with snarky bosses, mindless drivers, etc, etc,) and long.

So, here are the top four factors that can make you a dull boring boy with a short life!

Acting Like A Chimney

The first and one of the biggest bad habits that can significantly lower your life expectancy is smoking. Smoking related diseases are one of the leading causes of death among many people.  What’s more is that it is horrible for your sex life too! 

It makes your breath smell horrid and performance in bed hard. In fact as per a Chinese study 53.8% smokers that were undergoing treatment for impotence said that they had fewer ‘problems’ after 6 months of quitting smoking.

You already know that the cancers and other diseases that cigarettes come packed with have no intention of making your life any longer.

So, if you are currently smoking on a regular basis, it’s going to become imperative that you butt out.

Sadly, many people have the greatest difficulty giving up this habit because their body has become so hooked on nicotine that they really can’t function without it.  If that’s the boat you are in, it’s a good idea to consider smoking cessation techniques like Nicotine Replacement Therapy, E-cigarettes, etc.

All Work and No Play

Moving along, the second leading cause of a premature death is lack of physical activity. Here people tend to think in extremes.

They think that if they don’t have time to get into the gym and perform a full-blown workout, they aren’t going to be seeing results so it’s not even worth trying.

This is wrong, however, because all physical activity counts. Even if it’s just a short walk around the block after dinner, that will still move you forward towards your health goals.

You need to get out of the all-or-none thinking patterns. Any physical activity will help you make progress, so focus on getting in whatever you can do and you will see results happening.

The good part about working out is that lot’s of play always makes Jack (in this case you) a fun boy! So, hit the basketball court with your mates, plan weekend swimming dates, or play any sport you like whenever you can find time. Physical work out is always good for the body and mind.

I, Me, Myself and No One Else

Another surprising causes of a lower life expectancy that many people completely overlook is a low amount of social activity.

There have been studies after studies that have illustrated the fact that those who have a strong support network tend to have far greater resilience against both physical as well as psychological conditions.

And what’s more important to know here is that a few really close connections tend to be superior over many connections that are shallow (you are just casual acquaintances), so set out to get social with those who you hold near and dear.

Focus on developing these relationships and it will have life-long promotion benefits.

Not Watching What You Eat

Finally, the last reason for a lower life expectancy is one that most people would guess and is poor food choices.

This is not only about eating too much food and gaining weight – but rather, choosing foods that aren’t of high nutritional quality.

The more antioxidants you can get in your diet, the better it is because, these are what will help to fight off the free radicals that do cause damage to your cells and could cause pre-mature aging to take place.

Eating a diet that’s very rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will be your best bet if you want to fend off cellular damage and disease.

So, there you have the top four factors that are bound to squeeze out all the fun and health from your life!  So, start making some positive changes in your own day-to-day living if any of these are impacting you so that you can say so long to their negative influence over you.

Written on 8/11/2013 by Vani Chugh. Vani Chugh is a qualified blogger and presently writes for; a website that gives the detailed analysis of electronic cigarettes.

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