15 Ways To Trick Yourself To Save

Those of us who aren’t automatic savers and enjoy spending what we have, building up decent savings is always too far and too much hassle.

This is a habit that we’re not yet used to; so we need to play a few tricks to get started. The Digerati Life has 15 tricks that force saving:

#7 Pretend you haven’t paid down your debt even if you already have.
You may be accustomed to paying down debt, but the time will come when you’ll have paid them all down. When this time comes, you may find yourself with money freed up raring to go elsewhere! This is a great opportunity to route this “newly found” money towards a savings account for your goals.

It’s not all trickery. Most of the advice here is just initiating good saving habits. You just may need to, at least in theory, put things ‘out of your hands’.

Force Yourself To Save! 15 Painless Ways To Pay Yourself First
- [TheDigeratiLife]


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