Take a picture, get $10 from Google

A post caught my eye this morning during my coffee and feed reader bonding session. A blog named SavingAdvice shares that Google will pay you for simply taking pictures of businesses around your house and verifying their location. This is in an effort to continually add content to Google Maps.

To me, this is a decent amount of money for the simple sounding task:

“As a Google Business Referral Representative, you’ll visit local businesses to collect information (such as hours of operation, types of payment accepted, etc.) for Google Maps, and tell them about Google Maps and Google AdWords.
You’ll also take a few digital photos of the business that will appear on the Google Maps listing along with the business information. After the visit, you submit the business’ info and photo(s) to Google through your Local Business Referrals Center, and we’ll pay you up to $10 for each listing that is approved by Google and verified by the business.

All you need to be a successful Business Referral Representative is a passion for helping local businesses succeed, a love for the Internet (some knowledge of Google is great, too), and access to a computer and a digital camera.”

Sounds simple enough. I mean, I am not quitting my day job but I’d believe that on a Saturday morning walk I could knock out a few dozen of these. You can click the image to sign up or see the link below for the FAQ.

Read the rest at Google Business Referral Representative Frequently Asked Questions [via SavingAdvice]


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