How to Erase Your Cell Phone Memory

We already covered a few methods of backing up your cell phone data. Today, let’s hit on erasing it. Like most of you, I have traded up for newer cell phones each time my contract expires.

This left my old cell phone with no home and eventually it became part of my clutter collection.

After a while, I got smart and placed everything on eBay. My wife was happy because it brought in enough to cover a car payment. However, before you do this, you should delete all of your personal information from the phone. Now there is a simple way to do it.

By visiting the site simply named, you can learn the simple steps to reset and erase your phone’s memory. You simply enter your phone’s manufacturer and model and presto, you have a full PDF displaying the memory clearing functions.

In the past, I had to search Google in order to find a solution. This site gets it done in one shot.


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