Trade your Broken iPod for cash

ipodWe all know that tons of people, dare I say the majority of Earthlings, have iPods. Well, despite their great functionality, they don’t last forever. Well, now you have a place to trade in your broken or scuffed addiction. does just what it’s name implies.

They take your broken or damaged iPod and send you cash! Then they basically sell it to small companies that repair them. In any event, you get money as opposed to letting it sit in your drawer or settling for $9 on eBay.
We pay you top dollar for your damaged Apple iPod MP3 Player. We don’t care if the iPod has a cracked screen, the hard drive busted or shows a sad face, buttons don’t work, is acting weird, is old and creepy, has water damage, or if the battery is dead. Click below to get a price quote, and in 3 easy steps turn your broken iPod into CASH!

BuyMyBrokeniPod [via Business-Opportunities Weblog]


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