How to Buy Produce

Don't Squeeze the Fruit!I actually enjoy going to the grocery store. It gives me a chance to really pick out what I want as opposed to hoping my wife remembers my granola bars. In her defense, she has two kids with her so I can see how she’d forget (Get in, get out…FAST).

Anyway, the produce section is a comedy act every time.

From old ladies to single men, people are picking up fruit and vegetables doing a variety of tests to evaluate freshness, juiciness, etc. Frankly, I am a squeezer. I squeeze the fruit but I have no idea what I am trying to find or eliminate. I guess if the fruit bursts from a squeeze, it’s no good.

Listed here are several points from a blogger that goes into nice detail on their site. In the end you can save some time and money when you are purchasing your next cantaloupe (or whatever it is you buy).

  • Good produce weighs more than you expect
  • Good produce smells good
  • Good produce has a firm cut end
  • Good produce is not the biggest
  • Good produce ripens with its friends

How to buy grocery produce by baselle’s Financial Diary.
Photo: Ladylong


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