Getting your Boss to Let you Work from Home

work from homeI have worked from my house for the better part of 10 years. For me, obtaining that privilege just fell in my lap, I was a good salesman and constantly on the road. At some point, it just happened and no one asked any questions.

For others it’s not that easy but there is help on the way.

Mark Shaed at Productivity501 wrote an extremely insightful and thorough article that shares how you can set the deck in your favor and eventually put yourself in a position to obtain this benefit.

Here is a great excerpt:

“Determine the Business Reason You Should Be Allowed to Work From Home”

This is where I see most people fail. Here are some of the things employees are likely to say and what their boss is going to actually hear:

  • I’ll be able to spend more time with my kids. Boss hears: I’ll spend half of my time babysitting instead of working. Clients will hear screaming babies in the back ground when they call me.
  • I won’t have to deal with the long commute and traffic. Boss hears: I’ll spend my first 45 minutes of work waking up and eating breakfast. I’m looking forward to working all day in my pajamas.

Notice that each of these items focus on the advantages for the employee. No matter how nice, your boss doesn’t really care if working from home would be convenient for you. You are working for money–not for your convenience. If you want your boss to get on board, you need to address issues that your boss is actually concerned about. Here are a couple things that might concern your boss…”

Now I do work in pajamas quite often but the boss doesn’t need to know that (until now I guess). As if you were selling something, you have to talk in benefit in order for the other person to sway in their opinion. If you make the need real, the decision is that much easier for them to come to. After that, all you have to do is ask.

As I mentioned, there is A LOT more information on this at Convince Your Boss to Let you Work from Home by Productivity501.

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