How to Stretch at your Desk (circa 1977)

desk exercise
We’ve all gotten busy at work and forgotten to eat lunch right? How about losing track of time… that happens to all of us too. In the last 36 hours of my feeble existence, I have literally been in front of these 2 PCs for 31 hours. (No, I am not exaggerating; I slept for three hours last night and the remaining two hours was food/bathroom/kids/wife/etc.)

While you may be expecting a lesson on energy snacks or how to achieve a work vs.

home balance, I am going to share something much more important. This will prevent you from getting permanently stuck in a sitting down, typing position.

Get ready for some old school images that I actually printed and stuck on my monitor as a reminder that I need to occasionally stand and stretch while working.

A site named Web Worker Daily is one that I visit probably once per week and that’s where I first saw these. Kind of makes me want to go catch up on some Welcome Back Kotter.

There are 16 stretches in all and they are available here and here.


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