The Cheap Menu, Feed Your Family for $45 per week

We have all seen random blog posts related to saving money by changing a your daily routine. 101 Ways, 25 ways, etc. Usually, you’ll come away with a few good ideas and it’s up to you to figure out how to implement them.

Today I happened to see an actual menu that details a week’s worth of meals large enough to feed 4 people for only $45.

To me, that sounds pretty cheap. I told my wife about it and her first comment was, “Sure but it’s probably processed food and a bunch of crap”. In reality, it’s not at all. The meals appear to be relatively healthy (although I am not a dietitian) and the majority of the meals sound decent. If you see one that sounds nasty, I am sure you can easily replace it.

Here is a sample of one of the days on this menu. This image may be a little small but you’ll get the idea.

You can take a peak at the full menu at Family Resource or you can just grab their pdf.


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