Over 150 tips and shortcuts for Gmail

In the last 3 days I have seen what seems like 1000 different blog posts regarding Gmail tips and tricks. I am going to do the same thing I did with Flickr search tools, I am going to consolidate to show what I believe are the best resources because there is a ton of repetition out there.

Here is a list of places you can go to learn more and do more with Gmail:

  • Gmail Hacks/Tips by Cyberknowledge – Covers:
    • Gmail as a blog database
    • How to encrypt your entire Gmail session, not just the login
    • Create a Gmail partition to use all that space they give you
    • Install a Linux file system on Gmail
    • Gmail as a notepad
    • Change Gmail skins
    • Firefox plug-in to manage multiple Gmail accounts
    • gNotify – “You’ve got mail”
    • gDisk for Mac
    • GTDMail: integrate GTD process with Gmail

  • Gmail Tips – The Complete Collection, by Jim Barr: There is no way I am listing all of these, there are over 50 tips. Here are a couple:
    • Gmail Tip #40: New Feature! Rich formatting!
    • Gmail Tip #41: How Much Space Do I Have?
    • Gmail Tip #42: A More Worldly View
    • Gmail Tip #43: Notes in Just Two Clicks
    • Gmail Tip #44: Using An Email Client
    • Gmail Tip #45: Backing Up Your Gmail Account
    • Gmail Tip #46: Creating a Map Repository
    • Gmail Tip #47: Gmail Adds Chat!
    • Gmail Tip #48: Reply Without Scrolling
    • Gmail Tip #49: Moving the Chat Quick Contacts Box
    • Gmail Tip #50: Changing Subject Text When Replying or Forwarding
    • Gmail Tip #51: Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Gmail Tip #52: Can I “Delete all” Spam?
    • Gmail Tip #53: How Can I View Outlook Stationery In Gmail?
    • Gmail Tip #54: New Feature! Select ALL conversations
    • Gmail Tip #55: Excluding Chat from Search Results
  • You knew Lifehacker was here somewhere; Gmail Tips and Tricks – Monster Roundup by Adam Pash:
    • Video on setup
    • Setting up labels
    • Setting up filters
    • Setting up multiple accounts
    • Shortcuts
    • Searching
    • Taking it on the road
  • This is simply a printable version of a ton of Gmail Shortcuts.
  • Here is one that I am not listing anything on because there are over 70 of them.
    Userscripts.org lists all of the Greasemonkey scripts that have been built for Gmail. If you want Gmail to do special things, odds are someone already built a way to get it done.
  • List of Search Operators to speed up you search for a specific email by Modern Day Alchemist.
  • Another guy named Jim has added another site of Gmail tips.
  • If you have a resource for some cool Gmail tips, let us know and we’ll add it to the list. If you have a single tip that is not listed within these resources, let us know in the comments.



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